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    Been using Affinity Designer for a bit and am going to join in on the Affinity Photo beta. Who is using Affinity Designer? What are your thoughts? I love that it opens up EPS and PSD file types. It is super useful because lets be honest, we all have a ton of PSD and AI/EPS files.

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    Hi eriktheviking and welcome to GDF.

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    haven't used it
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      Originally posted by eriktheviking View Post
      I love that it opens up EPS and PSD file types. It is super useful because lets be honest, we all have a ton of PSD and AI/EPS files.
      I just use Photoshop and Illustrator to open Photoshop and Illustrator files


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      Never heard of it.


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        I saw a review/video of it awhile back and it looked pretty impressive as far as speed (video could have been edited) and ease of use, but at work I have to use what my clients use and for whatever reason, 90% of my clients have switched from Adobe products to Corel draw. And for personal use, I'm much too old to learn new software.
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          I too was wondering about the Affinity software. Read a review and it will be interesting to see it more Mac users start using it. They only have a couple programs for Mac as of now. It's so cheap, $49. Wondering if it's compatible with output commercial printers, if anyone has used it.

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            Sorry I posted this twice, once in a sticky and got a message that I couldn't add to a sticky so I posted here. Sorry mods.


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              I've played around with free beta and trial versions of the Affinity software and was impressed. I wasn't impressed enough to give up my Adobe software, but I'm really hoping their product suite matures, gains professional acceptance and breaks the back of the money-siphoning Adobe monopoly.

              I'm seriously tempted to buy their software for the simple purpose of just supporting them (and also using it when possible). The worst case scenario is that Adobe buys them out for several billion dollars, then kills their products in the same way they did after their Macromedia acquisition. I'm hoping Affinity's in it for the long haul.


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                I've been using Designer seriously for several months. Its main appeal is that it is FAST, being tested for performance on an iPad rather than a desktop computer. Unfortunately, it is missing a number of features that would be quite appreciated (symbols will be coming next update) and there are still quite a few bugs.

                But I will continue supporting them with bug reports and by throwing money at them, so long as they continue to threaten the Adobe behemoth.






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