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  • PowerPoint to InDesign?

    Hi there,
    My PP file is 114 MB (with more than 200 pages) and keeps growing. We do presentations using PDFs anyways. For some reason a designer before me started this project in PP.
    I wonder if there is a way to transport it into InDesign. Would it make a difference? Or what is the best way to reduce the PP file size?


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      You could refry; import each page of the PDF into an indd. But you wouldn't be able to edit those pages.

      Outside of that you could try Markzware PDF2ID or PDF2DTP here's a video about it. Technically these would be PPT to PDF to INDD solutions so somethings will probably go awry from start to finish.
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        anything that says "starts in Powerpoint..." is bound to go awry... Just from the get go.


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          there's a lot of truth to that.

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        I think the first question to ask yourself is if PPT is the best software for what you're trying to achieve. PPT does have it's place--there's tons of functionality in it for presentations (when used correctly, which let's be honest, is probably only 1% of the time).

        It's very hard to keep the size down though. Make sure the images and graphics are adjusted to the correct size before pasting them into PPT – pasting a large photo and scaling it down inside PPT is a waste of space.

        200 slides is huge. I would break it down into smaller presentations, say 50 slides each or whatever works for you. You can add an interactive button on the last slide of the first file that will automatically open the next file.

        If you're going to import everything into InDesign, then you might as well just start recreating the ID file from scratch. I can't think of any other way to do this sort of thing easily. Think of it as a long term project for yourself. But hey! Job security!






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