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Best software for website creation?

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  • Best software for website creation?

    I purchased Dreamweaver CS3, but that was several years ago, and it's probably outdated. Can I still use it? Must I now purchase something that will updated it for less cost than buying DWCS3 all over again? I'd hate to not use it, since I had also purchased some tutorial CDs for it, and typed up a Wiki from those. I also have gimp 2.8. Can I use it alone to create a website? I would like to include gifs.

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    You should learn to code, not rely on wysiwyg software.
    Gimp is an image editing program. You can make gifs with it. But you can't code with it.


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      my recommendation would be Notepad ++ (PC) and the browser of your choice (with development tools) and/or |Text Wrangler (MAC) and the browser of your choice. All of this is available for free

      If I may be bias, I would recommend Google chrome's development tools


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        I don't think the question is which software to use to create websites. I think the question has become which area of specialization to pursue.

        Few people build entire websites any more. Instead, some people design templates or code templates for content management systems. Some people customize content management system templates. Some people specialize in coding and scripting or specialize even further in server-side languages, like php or jsp or client-side languages, like JavaScript. Some people specialize in e-commerce systems. Some designers do nothing more than develop Photoshop mockups that are handed off to coders and developers. Some designers specialize in user interface issues, while others target the user experience and optimization. Some people specialize in WordPress, while others prefer Joomla, Drupal or more specialized systems, like phpBB or Magento. And then there's the group of people who focus on search engine optimization or other esoteric bits of voodoo and witchcraft. It's all over the place.

        The days of buying a copy of Dreamweaver and settling into a lucrative career of building websites is getting to be a thing of the past.


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          Generate your code using Notepad++.Its a best tool for website creation.You can also use CoffeeCup Free HTML Editor best tool for Web designing.






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