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ILLUSTRATOR ISSUE - image dimension

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  • ILLUSTRATOR ISSUE - image dimension

    Hello everybody,
    i have a big problem,
    i need to save as a pdf the work i did with an illustrator file but i cannot do it!!
    The program says: the dimension of the page fall outside the range supported, and doesn't let me save the file!!
    I cannot reduce the page 'cause i need a very big dimension to print and it need to be at full resolution! (very big wall)
    What can i do?
    Thanks in advance!

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    If it's an Illustrator vector file it doesn't contain any resolution so you can shrink it down to a reasonable size and it will blow up to however large you want it.


    • kemingMatters
      kemingMatters commented
      Editing a comment
      It doesn't contain resolution UNLESS you have used raster effects (drop shadows, glows, etc), gradients, or raster images.

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    I would suggest reducing it to 1/10th the size and detail the scale on the document.
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      That's an annoying little "feature" of Illustrator. Which is why I prefer designers use InDesign for large format stuff.

      As a large format printer, I'd suggest:

      A: Call your print vendor and be absolutely positive they want you to send that file as a PDF. Most large format print vendors want the actual layered file with all fonts supplied (or outlined) and all of the image links.

      B. If they really do want the pdf, find out what scale they would like. Usually, taking down the file to 50% (for output at 200%) works, but remember to change your Document Raster Effects Resolution setting to double your output resolution (located in the Effects menu.) You'll need to find out what that is from your printer.
      For something that fits on an Illustrator art board without scaling originally, that resolution is going to be somewhere around 75-100ppi at final print size. So you would double your RES setting to 150-200ppi. In some cases printers may do 150ppi, in which case your RES setting is 300. Only then do you create your PDF, with no image compression. And be sure to tell the printer that you are working in scale. Otherwise, they may just print it straight up. I tend to write the scale in the crop mark area of the file and also much larger in the hard copy sent.
      Note that the printer may tell you all they need is 50-75ppi too. I do wallcover as low as 35ppi depending on the imagery and purpose.
      Also, I'm sure you've checked that any image links are up to being printed large...

      C. If by chance you are using a pre-CS5 version of Illustrator, I hope you didn't use the old Filters menu. If you halve the size of an old Filter, there is no way to get that resolution back.

      D. Don't forget your bleeds!!!
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