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Dropbox vs. Google Drive vs. Box

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  • Dropbox vs. Google Drive vs. Box

    I've read lots of discussion, here and elsewhere, regarding Dropbox and Google Drive. But what about the "new kid on the block" Box? Anybody using it? How is it for business? Is it secure? Easy to use? Interested to hear your thoughts.

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    Box has been around for years. I vaguely remember having to open an account years ago while working on a collaborative project.

    Depends on what you are using it for and how you are using it.
    All of those offer free service up to a point. But that point is very low in terms of storage and usefulness. You will inevitably end up purchasing a monthly contract.

    Are you using it for cloud storage or for project collaboration or both?

    Have you looked at the user interface? Dropbox has taken some of their users critical comments to heart and made their interface relative user friendly. I remember Box being cumbersome, but again that was years ago. I've never used Google Drive (mainly because I don't like Google.) The interface has to be relatively intuitive if you are using it for collaborative purposes. Not all of your clients will be internet savvy and you don't want to spend a lot of time hooking them into the system.

    Anything on the Cloud is only as secure as the internet, IOW, risky. If you are ever doing NDA work for a client, you don't use any of those services. Most NDA clients will have their own secure system already in place, but you do have to remember not to use the Cloud when working on such things. And that includes uploading files to Adobe to translate into other versions.

    Also access to your stuff depends on having internet access with working wireless and ISP access, as opposed to say, a server in your basement, that you could access with a simple internal network system or cat-cable.


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      I'm a big fan of dropbox. It's simple, easy, and affordable.

      My only issue is if you want more space, the only have business options available, so if you go through your TB you're going to have to probably sign up for another account and pay another $10 dollars a month. The "extra" space you get through their contests and promotions and events are only temporary, so don't depend on these if you're trying get around not paying the subscription rate.

      Dropbox is very flexible and easy, allowing me to back up my client and personal work on my PC and other computers. If your computer somehow fries, you can be rest assured that things on the cloud should be safe. This doesn't mean of course dropbox is fools proof. Don't solely depend on it to back up everything. Back up your dropbox files on SEVERAL computers, as well as on your own personal external hard drives.

      Be aware that if you are clumsy and delete things from your dropbox it is probably gone for good unless you backed it up. If you want more backup and security options you will have to go business, which is far more expensive than the standard $10 a month. I wouldn't recommend business unless either you have a lot of cash to dump on all this space and features that you probably would never ever get the chance to use as a solo designer, or you actually have your own business running and need something more solid than the standard dropbox options.


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        PrintDriver, what is it about Google that you dislike? Just personal preference? Or is there something that you have experienced in the past that has given you this opinion of them?


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          I've never used their cloud service so I don't know how it stacks up to others.
          Google is too invasive in everything they do. Certainly not putting my business up there...
          But that's just me.


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            I use dropbox. But honestly, I'll use what ever my clients want to use.
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              Ah, that's a different side to the story. Yes, using what the client wants to use. Most of my clients use a <supposedly> secure onsite system. Others like to use Dropbox. For simple file transfer, most use Hightail or WeTransfer. But services like Dropbox and Hightail and WeTransfer are only free up to a very limited amount of data. To go fully business like, you will need to buy contracts for more space.






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