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  • Adobe FLASH

    Hey guys, I am inexperienced with Flash so I just want to throw a few ideas at you and please tell me if they are feasible…

    I am looking at making a kind of rolling PowerPoint presentation but in flash.
    It will be projected onto a wall from a computer on the intranet with 1680 x 1050 res.

    Tell me if this is the wrong program to use but, the intent is to have one long photobashed picture which will scroll left to right on a mouse click and ease in and out of motion. Once it stops scrolling I will have words for the brief fade in. At each scene I want either a bit of a dust effect or something else I can animate in the background, but only subtly. If this is not possible we can cut that part away though.

    Another mouse click will make the words fade out in some way and will scroll in the same way to the next portion of the picture and so on until the brief is complete.

    I would like to have a button to go back in the same way, just in case who ever is giving the brief needs to go back a slide to cover off on a topic again.

    This will need to be a low file size if possible as it will be accessed on a slow internal net hosting for several thousand other computers.

    How much of this is possible and in your opinion what is the best way workflow wise to start going about it?

    Many thanks guys.

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    I don't know if there are other apps that might be better for this but I just finished my Adobe flash class and what you are looking to do you'll probably need to take one or get the book and learn it . Perhaps in several specific tutorials you can do it. If its a one time project i doubt it would be worth the effort , but just about everything you mentioned is doable.

    you can have use mouse click or buttons have images scroll in and out fade in and fade out and add animations and text . It sounds like quite a project
    with the slide show I built I had text come in from one side where the image slid in from the other. Images fading as others appeared a button to control stop and play and skip i didn't do anything that involved a mouse click but I am sure that is doable as I made my video game use the keyboard controls and i seen to recall seeing a mouse click in prewritten actions

    As many have told me with Flash being deprecated its not really a skill you will be using for the web but for what you want it for it would be useful but again its going to take some learning to do.
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      Wouldn't you want something more HTML(latest version) that is a little more directly interactive than flash?
      Especially where you want a menu option to select a specific ''chapter'' to go back to if the talk has to backtrack for questions...?
      I'm no web guy but our interactive contractors stopped using flash years ago for interactive experiences.






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