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How did my teachers do this to my computer?

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  • How did my teachers do this to my computer?

    I was doing this portfolio review and I left my computer (Macbook Pro) running on a desk and when I came back there was a clock running and my name appeared on the screen. How the heck did they do that? My computer has never done that before and when I tried to login it looked like it was locked or something.

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    Were you able to unlock it? (pressing the enter key or the space bar should either give you a desktop or a password log-in.
    On a mac, there is a screensaver that will appear with your name and an apple and possibly a clock. I don't see it that often on mine as it only appears if I turn it on but don't log in then come back 15 minutes later. My normal screensaver is the color comet thingy.

    I wouldn't blame your teachers.

    As for leaving your computer unlocked and unattended...don't.
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      Yes of course I could unlock it. I thought we had too because I was just standing outside the room waiting for them to call me so I could present my work to them, I thought it would save time having to fumble around with my password. I wouldn't normally do that.





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