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Best way to screen shot website for portfolio

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  • Best way to screen shot website for portfolio

    Just finished a website design and I need to screen shot the before and after.

    Any good tools out there for this purpose?

    I've used the Awesome screen shot Google Chrome plugin, but it is somewhat inconsistent in capturing everything.

    I guess if all else fails I could just print screen, but if there is some other software that captures a sharper looking image then that would be ideal.

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    How about a QR code that takes you to the webpage
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      The site I made is using the domain name of the older site, so there wouldn't be a way to access the older site.

      Basically I want to show what the old site looked like and now what the new site looks like.

      I planned on screen shooting a few pages to compare and contrast, but cannot find a reliable method to screen shot for portfolio presence,


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        If you run Windows, ShareX is a well-rounded and reliable open-source app. When I had Macs, Snagit was one I remember using.
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          I use SnagIt on both Mac and PC. It's a really useful tool with good options for selection -- full screen, scrolling window, selected element, etc. It's my go-to tool for screenshots and captures.


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              Thanks for the suggestions everyone!

              I'll be sure to try these programs out.






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