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Want to know the best online appointment schedulers

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  • Want to know the best online appointment schedulers

    Being a Designer, I have many clients and most of the times I have to go and meet them to understand their requirements. To book appointments I was earlier using emailing systems but got rid of them as it was very confusing and was not able to book appointments properly. But now upon my client's recommendation, I'm planning to use any online appointment scheduling software but I'm bit confused as I have seen there are lot of such software available.

    Can anyone recommend any appointment schedulers which I should go for? But please suggest that software only which you have personally tried.

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    Welcome Jack

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      I use a paper calendar pinned to my bulletin board. Seriously. It shows 2 months at at time.
      I can't even unlock my phone in the time it takes to pencil in an appointment time, never mind navigate to calendar and play with that dumb interface.
      I'm such a Luddite.


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        I have a wall planner pinned up beside my desk AND I use an app called Sol Calendar on my phone. I'm not always at my desk so it's good to have a planner in my pocket when making dates or appointments when I'm out. I regularly check both when I'm at my desk to make sure they are identical.

        By default, Sol Calendar emails you a reminder of your appointments but I prefer to check the app daily in the TO DO or daily AGENDA tab instead of receiving emails.

        Sol can sync to Google Calendar too if that's what your clients prefer to use.

        It also syncs to my to-do list on Wunderlist app which I find pretty awesome.
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          I'm using ScheduleOnce to plan events such as F2F meetings and appointments with clients. This software has made by life really easy. You can give it a shot or you can try out some other similar software which best suits your needs.
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