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A mix of 2D drafting and vector graphics

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  • A mix of 2D drafting and vector graphics

    I am looking for a software, cheap or free that is a combination of 2D drafting and vector graphics. I build kites as a hobby and need the 2D drafting to accurately lay out the outline of a kite within 1/8. I then bring in a scalable vector graphic. The final file will be in actual dimensions so I can use a large-scale printer to make a pattern to cut out appliques on kite nylon. I will do the vector editing before hand.

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      Originally posted by Kite_geek View Post
      I will do the vector editing before hand.
      What application will you use for that, and does it have some limitation that prevents you from using it for the whole kite layout?
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        I'd just do it in Illustrator. Illustrator goes to 4 decimal places easily, so 1/8" tolerance is no problem. Depending on the intricacy of your kite, you may need a little geometry and algebra to get the angles right. I use a plugin called CADTools for Illustrator for a lot of stuff like this. It's not cheap or free, I suppose. Depending on your print vendor, you might be able to use CorelDraw. Any of the freewares are going to get you into trouble as a lot of print vendors don't support freeware, except maybe as a PDF or possibly a Photoshop format of some sort. You gets what you gets as far as color goes.

        Printing onto ''kite nylon'' is another story.
        I don't know of any ''nylon'' that can be dye sub printed. That stuff is mostly polyesters. Maybe UV, but I've never seen one... So, either way, depending on how you do that you will no doubt experience stretch or shrink in the calendaring or curing process respectively.

        Give yourself ample bleed.

        Side note: unless the kite is small you will most likely not be able to hit more than one fold accurately. IE if you have a box kite, due to the nature of the fabric printing, you will never match all 4 folds if you have a design change or color change on each side of the fold, and the last corner will not match across the final seam. The smaller the kite, the closer you will get. Printing tolerance on fabric can be literally inches for big stuff. At least up to 1/8" to 1/4" on small stuff.
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