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OEM Software Scams on the Rise!

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    One way to get cheap software legally is to enroll in a one unit community college class, and use your ID card to by student priced software. Prices are way lower than normal...

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      Is it actually legal to 'hold' a student software lisence, when you're no longer a student?


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        However, your not 'suppose' to use that software for financial gain....


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          That is what I suspected. Educational lisences are all well and fine, but most of us have to pay the full wack (or at least hope someone sells it on, for cheap, lol).


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            Well, they are at it again with a new web address....

            They may use the name Vanessa Smith.

            Here are some obvious reasons in their f.a.q

            -What does OEM stand for? What is the difference between OEM and full retail packaging ?

            OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturer. A retail version comes in a fancy box, OEM does not. A retail version contains a printed manual. The customers who purchase a retail version are eligible for tech support and different rebates. With our offer this is not possible - hence cheap prices.
            Be aware that you will not be able to register the software with the manufacturer. Some of these products cannot be updated on-line.

            -Can I get a discount? Can I resell your software?

            There are no discounts for our prices nor can you resell our software. The software we offer cannot be resold.

            -Can you provide a tracking number for the package ?

            The orders are shipped by means of InternationalAirmail.
            Unfortunately, this postal service does not provide the customers with any tracking information.

            -I have received an upgrade version of Illustrator 10, I cannot install it as the Program requires the previous versions.

            While the installation procedure of Illustrator 10 the system displays a message that Adobe Illustrator 10 upgrade installer requires proof of ownership of the list of products, and the list of previous versions is displayed. To proceed the installation you are to click the “Next” button. When the next message when the system asks to select a method for verifying ownership of Adobe Illustrator 9_0_2 is displayed, you need to click the “Next” button once again. After that follow the installation instructions given by the system.


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              Pretty funny, but just in case you don't know, most of the UK and all of Canada spell cheque...well, "c - h - e - q - u - e". I know immediately if I'm talking with someone with an American education when they spell it "check" - you'd look like an idiot in Canada spelling it "check"...LOL. So, even if he lived in Canada, after dealing with banks and financial institutions on this side of the border, you'd have to change the spelling (although I notice that our banks dealing with US clients now use both on their American websites).

              Also, that guy's eMail is too full of slang for him to speak anything except English as a first language - foreigners are taught proper English, not street slang, and there's no way he could have picked up English on his own to that extent living anywhere except the US or Canada - I think he's in the USA or at least he is American. Although it's apparently easier to pull these scams on Americans if you're living in Canada - so perhaps he is residing here. You can have him back, if he is, though..hahahha.



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                I love the "...but here it's hand to animals in the jungle...we do what we can to survive."

                So are you contemplating killing yourself because of your desolate, loin cloth wearing poverty before or after you boot up your PC, start up your local ISP, browse eBay, find a sale, log into Yahoo, and send an email?

                Oh...the computer is made of mule dung and bullet shells...riiiiight.

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                  If you ever come across any of these scams you can report them to the Federal Trade Commission. There is a site called Consumer Sentinel and they have all kind of links to national and international scams. Being involved in identity theft is very bad news. Take it from someone who knows. With that said, are there any suggestions regarding reputable sites that are reasonably priced. I'm looking for Dreamweaver.


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                    Originally posted by Mickey
                    Let me guess... I think I got this one too...
                    If I call the number you gave me my long distance carrier will be charged $2800 to connect and $350per minute. Billed to some fake company in Bermuda!

                    Good try “Mike”

                    What country do you live in that is so bad?
                    234 is the country code for Nigeria. Why doesn't that surprise me?


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                      Be Carefull Next Time From Some Crazeis


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                        Bogus Programs...True..true...Not just for AutoCAD anymore...Best to stick with OEM...


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                          I command you to rise from your grave and rescue my daughter!
                          "I has puter, I isam dsgna?!"


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                            Originally posted by Jhihmoac
                            Bogus Programs...True..true...Not just for AutoCAD anymore...Best to stick with OEM...
                            Actually thank you for bringing this thread back from it's grave, rereading Mickey's old posts on the scam are a riot. I re-Lol'd at them once again
                            "I has puter, I isam dsgna?!"


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                              tnx for the scam info
                              this is my website
                              I want to know more about
                              Graphic Designing


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                                Just a note: The OP wrote this in 2004.
                                This post is brought to you by the letter E and the number 9. Those are the buttons I push to get a Twix out of the candy machine.
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