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Free Open Source Alternatives for Adobe Creative Suite

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    To be honest, I'd avoid all of the professional software if I were you. It's expensive and complicated. Even Scribus, which is an open-source replacement for that software is, while obviously not expensive, still complicated. I spend all day working with that kind of software, so it was well worth the amount of time I spent learning to use it properly. For you, though, I very much doubt that's the case.

    Why not give Pages a try? It's aimed at almost exactly the sort of thing you're doing. Since it's part of Apple's iWork suite, it will probably be much more similar to what you're used to. And I'm pretty sure there's a free demo that you can try to see if it can manage all that you're looking for - Yep, here it is.

    So save yourself some headaches, and give Pages a try. If it really can't handle what you need, then start looking at the other stuff. But, from what you've said, it sounds like it's absolutely perfect for what you need.


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      I liked it. [[[[[WE]]]]] have given to the paid programs the power they have today. What can happen if we start to use free software massively?

      Really there are several amazing free CG softwares nowadays.

      I'm trying to make my part. I hope someday people can put my software(s) in a list like that. ;o)
      Leonardo C. de Almeida


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        A lot of places seem to be able to save a ton of money by using 'LogoContest' and 'CreativeSpec'. And the great thing is it takes virtually no space on your hard drives and very little of your own time to set up.


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          I am and advocate of Open Source apps. Go for them!


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            Just a perspective bending question:

            Do you suppose somewhere people are calling logo contests and their kin "open source graphic design"?


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              Serious software development is hard work.

              Serious art creation is hard work.

              I believe there will always be people asking for specific tasks, tasks that need be paid.

              I believe it's a very good thing when people who know what they are doing spend part of their time to make good, useful stuff free of charge.

              Anyway, sometimes I feel most of people is not ready to deal with the benefits and responsabilities concerning the use of free things. Many times I see people badly treating paid software/content as free one, or treating free sw as paid one.

              You can feel fool and empty of cheer working for any of sides: charged or free sw development. The same applies to content design.
              Leonardo C. de Almeida


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                Nice list.... I tried using Gimp works good


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                  Kinda blowing the dust off this thread, but I agree quite a bit. Some, like myself, work with Apple hardware all day at the 9-5 through their employer. Some, like myself, don't have the finances to get what they consider their dream system and the software to go with it for personal use.
                  Sure, I could pirate like many people do, but I was lucky enough to get a discount license for a few applications through my employer. Even still, I do consider the open source alternatives from time to time. My problem is that I don't get the same results. For some reason I can always tell when something was made with GIMP. There always seems to be some sort of roughness to it visually. And font rendering in Linux/BSD always seems to be a bit off.

                  I have always favored the Linux/BSD operating system, I have two servers that work great. But I have always favored the applications available on the Microsoft and Apple systems. My problem is Apple is seriously way to over priced and Microsoft actually went though with releasing Vista, an operating system that includes nothing that I would justify buying a new system to be able to run it.

                  For here on out I am stuck with XP until some bazarro world over takes everything and I can run my applications on Linux. Or I win the lottery and can afford an Apple system and be able to afford keeping up to date with it by replacing it every 2-3 years. I saw Jobs' presentation of the latest iMac. What I found odd was how much he loved talking about it being so much fun to throw away or recycle when the next system comes out.
                  The new iMac, you've never had so much fun throwing it away?


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                    am looking for an alternative to Paint Shop Pro.

                    It should be obvious since I am a PSP user that my graphics program budget is at the "Starving Artist" level, which has me left out of the vastly overpriced Adobe market.

                    If anyone is familiar with Paint Shop Pro, I am looking for a program that works at least as well as version 7 or 8 did, but updated to todays needs.

                    Sadly, Corel bought Paint Shop Pro from JASC and absolutely ruined the program. I hate versions X1 (12) and X2 (13). Version 9 and X (10) were bad enough. Corel has messed up some of the tools, ruined the Browser, and have made a habit of producing buggy betas and selling them as finished products.

                    Any help in finding a new graphics program that I can afford would be greatly appreciated.

                    AKA the MACJR of


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                      well i'm running all adobe creative (luckily i got the suite for both PC and Mac cause my parents like to buy my affection) but i do have audacity on my Mac and can I tell you how much I adore it!
                      The creative world is one big double standard....
                      BE YOURSELF BUT CONFORM!!

                      Conformity is the Disease; Rebellion is the Cure

                      ~Stolen from Bladez


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                        I *love* Inkscape. I find it so much easier to use than Illustrator and it really puts me in control of the graphics.

                        One question, does anyone know if Inkscape on Mac works with Wacom Tablets?
                        GreenLeaf Imaging


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                          Since inkscape is free, download it, try it and let us know.


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                            Designer Note: If you plan on using software on a semi-professional or professional manner, it is best to ask your printer first. Unlike the other programs on this list, your printer will want to be able to access your native Scribus file. Ask your printer in advance to install the software before sending out a print job.
                            I just noticed this note. This is not going to fly well. Ask the printer if he has it or will install it before designing in it. Printers only have so much time and so many output options.


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                              I don't see why your printer would, in general, want or need to see Scribus native files. Well, not any more than they would want Indesign or Quark native files. And I haven't sent one of those to a printer in years (though, of course, depending on what they're doing, others may).

                              The PDF creation tools from Scribus are supposed to be very good, which from my point of view is what actually matters.


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                                For a regular print work flow, probably the pdf route would be fine.
                                For wide format, not so much. We need the native files because we don't live in a straight CMYK world and we don't print on just paper. I don't know of anyone right now who supports native Gimp/inkscape/scribus.... Even among those that have an internal PDF work flow.






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