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Cheap layout programs for non-designers?

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  • Cheap layout programs for non-designers?

    A friend of mine has Print Shop Pro or something like that. It's doing a hack job on her text and she's needing to produce flyers and advertisements for the coalition she volunteers with. I recommended InDesign, but it's so expensive that she'd likely not be able to get the coalition to pay for it.

    She needs something that doesn't pixelate the text and images (I already told her about taking the pictures at a high enough resolution but that wasn't the problem in the first place).

    Any recs? She's not a designer, so she needs something easy.

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    How about a designer? They're pretty easy to find... and use.

    Think of the money she'll save by not having to tie herself up for days learning to hack out a amateur looking file that probably will cost her even more to have a designer come in and get it fixed out to a printable standard. Then there's the cost of lost revenue from substandard design. It can add up in a hurry.

    I think about the time when I had just one little odd noise in my car and I thought to myself, I could save money by buying a manual, some tools, some parts, some testing gear and spend a night or two digging through service websites and forums and... or, I could just go to the garage and have it done right, and speedily.

    Otherwise, she might just as well use MS Word. Most printers can make a PDF from that and give her something printable. I loather working in it, but many non-designers feel very comfortable working out stuff with it. I'd avoid MS Publisher the most.

    For what you're describing, flyers and ads-- CorelDraw would also be an excellent and very affordabe candidate-- it certainly can put out printable PDFs and handles multiple pages easily. But then... there's already more than enough amatuers handing off unprintable CorelDraw files, that as a professional user of this program that's suffered for the pathetic prepress skill level of the average CDraw user, I really don't like encouraging this solution.


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      Well said Broacher, especially the Corel part. [img]/emoticons/cool.gif[/img]

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