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    i am new to graphic design and was wondering if anyone can help me out
    i friend of mine is setting up a forum on the internet and between him and i have been trying to make a header ( logo ) for it but as none of use have skill in this i was thinking why not ask the pro's
    how can we or whould we go about making a header that is a spinning globe with the word SPINZONEgoing round the globe is there software that can do this or are we out of look
    cheers in advance

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    flash would be your best bet.

    This forum does not condone pirating software.

    Therefor, you would need to invest in the program.

    A simplier soulution would be to scrap the animation idea and use photoshop, microsoft paint or whatever it is called. To create a still logo for your forum.

    I would normally prefer someone creating a logo to adobe illustrator. However, most average people do not have access to appropriate software. In this instance photoshop or the microsoft thingy would work. Since, this logo is for web use only.

    The animated logo idea you present is somewhat a complicated procedure for new comers. more then likly to complex for most to grasp without prior knowledge.

    - best of luck


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      You could also try to create an animated gif file. Try a google search or maybe, there are a few free animated gif creators and tutorials out there.

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        swift 3d is a good 3d plugin for flash if you do get it.
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