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  • Adjusting Column Sizes

    I am trying to paginate yellow pages and we use a system called Diad to create handoffs to put into Quark.

    I have all the Diad template set up for the hand off to be colum width 174pts. I have a new Quark Template set up to the same specs and when I go to get text I get a message that reads:

    Warning Column Width Difference: Document Column Width 362pt Handoff Column Width 174pt.

    That is telling me that my template in Quark is off. Its suppose to be 174 pts. So I checked the Master Guides settings and they are to our new specs.
    I am not sure where it is getting the 362 pts from.
    It is almost like the information I "import" is reading across the page instead of stopping at the side of a column.

    Could there be some easy explanation as to why anyone thinks this could be happening?





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