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Quark 10 released

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  • Quark 10 released

    I just got my free upgrade link in my e-mail.

    Should I install the upgrade and possibly mess up my workflow?
    Run to the store and pick up GTA5 and forget I own Quark 10 until the first update?
    Some advice is profound, some is clever. The above post is a good example of both.

  • #2
    I went the GTA route.

    Judging by how long this game is taking to install -- I will be playing sometime tomorrow evening.
    Some advice is profound, some is clever. The above post is a good example of both.


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      Wise choice


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        I'd have gone that route too, you'll probably want to go postal after working with Quark, GTA5 will prevent you from doing that IRL.
        Design is not decoration.


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          LOL, I work in Quark all day - I actually prefer it over InDesign.

          I was actually planning to switch over to InDesign, but I went and upgraded my OS and it completely broke Quark 7 so I was forced to upgrade to 9.5 to maintain 10 years of legacy files. Since I had to pay for it - might as well use it.

          Because I ordered it so late in the cycle they gave me a free upgrade to 10. I want to install it - but I don't know for certain if it will leave Quark 9.5 alone. Better do a time machine backup and a little investigating first.

          Some advice is profound, some is clever. The above post is a good example of both.


          • Possumgal
            Possumgal commented
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            I'm trying to switch to InDesign per boss's instructions, but if you have to impose in the file for press like I do, Quark just does some things a lot better than InDesign. Glad to hear at least one other person uses it.

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          Quark still exists?


          • #7
            Well MD, you might be ahead of the curve should Quark's latest development be the first bit of sun to dissipate adobe's giant cloud. Still think there needs to be a merger between the Q and Corel for that to be in the realm of possibility though.
            Design is not decoration.


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              I doubt it - I haven't used Quark 9.5 a whole lot for new documents (mostly revised legacy documents) but a couple weeks ago I was busy doing some spot color jobs and I had a hell of a time getting pdfs to export correctly.

              With their current track record I have serious doubts that they can slay the beast. Even selling to Corel would not do a single thing to counter them.

              Could you see your workflow change to
              Corel Draw
              Paintshop Pro

              I couldn't.

              The only thing that is going to change Adobe's cloud ambition is not upgrading to the CC.
              Some advice is profound, some is clever. The above post is a good example of both.


              • kemingMatters
                kemingMatters commented
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                Not likely, but collectively they have the ingredients to do something that could do more than a leave bitter taste mouths. Finding the right people to cook it up on short order would be key though.

                I don't think choosing not to upgrade is going to be an option for as long as we might like to think it'll be, I'm already unsupported on the raw format of one of my cameras.

              • MD
                MD commented
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                Ultimately it will depend on your workflow/hardware. But if designers can weather a few quarters of not upgrading their software to the cloud it will definitely start to change Adobe's mind.

                Gonna take a few quarters of missed or reduced estimates for that to happen though.

                If Adobe is going to be dethroned - it will come from a startup, not from the entrenched competition. I saw that Corel has a subscription service as well.

                BTW Adobe earnings announcement today.





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