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Opening Quark files in something else?

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  • Opening Quark files in something else?

    Does anyone have any suggestions how to be able to open Quark8 files using another program? I no longer own Quark, but have old files I would love to be able to access through InDesign. I've read about a program (Markzware) than can convert the files, but have reached out to the company to ask a few questions, and have never gotten a reply from them. Any advice for me? Appreciate any suggestions, thanks!!

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    Q2ID is pretty much an industry standard for going from Quark to InD.
    However, like all reformatting programs, they are just that, reformatting programs.
    You will have to check your import to see if all of the styles and features you applied in Quark carried over.
    I haven't seen a Quark file in years and don't have Q8 so don't know how well the direct import feature of InDesign would work. I can open simple Q4-7 directly in InDesign, but not anything with a lot of pages or heavy styling.
    The one feature that may not import is the ability of Quark to do styles on Characters that are not supported by fonts in your library. It was never a good idea to begin with and if Q8 still has it, that would be something to look for in your proofing.


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      Open QuarkXPress document files in inDesign

      Well since there's a remarkable and simple conversion from QuarkXPress 4.1x, so you can simply open your Quark 8 and choose File/Export > layouts as projects, export the document as a Quark 7 project. and then open it in Quark 7 and save as a Quark 6 project. Keep doing this until you reach the Quark 4 version. When you reach this step, follow these steps:

      1. make sure that the original application is closed
      2. To ensure that all links are maintained, copy all linked files to the same QuarkXPress document folder.
      3. in inDesign, choose File > Open
      4. In windows, choose QuarkXPress (3.3-4.1x) or QuarkXPress Passport (4.1x) from the Files of Type menu.
      5. Select a file and click Open.

      Note: If inDesign cannot convert a file or a specific part of a file, it displays a warning describing the reasons it cannot convert it and the results of the conversion.

      6. If a warning dialog box appears, do one of the following:
      a) Click Save to save a copy of the warnings as a text file, and then open the file in inDesign.
      b) Click Close to close the dialog box and open the file in inDesign.

      7. To more accurately convert text wrap applied in QuarkXPress, do the following in inDesign:
      a) Select Text Wrap Only Affects Objects Beneath in the Composition area of the Preferences dialog box.
      b) Assign the Adobe Single-Line Composer in the Paragraph panel menu to one or more paragraphs.


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        But wouldn't you need every version of Quark on your computer to do that?


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          Later versions of Quack had a drop shadow feature and other transparency effects that don't convert well, IIRC.

          If you have PDF versions of any of your old Quack files I would use those.
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          • StudioMonkey
            StudioMonkey commented
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            You would only need to open them in Illustrator if you needed to edit something you couldn't bodge in InDesign. Opening PDFs in Illustrator can be a minefield - fonts reflow etc - but if these are your own files that shouldn't be a problem.

            Export options from Illustrator open up more possibilities: e.g. you used to be able to edit placed PS files in InDesign (may need a plug-in for this) but I haven't done that for a while so the details are fuzzy.

          • melindabelle
            melindabelle commented
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            You can export as an .eps file from Quark 9 (not sure about earlier versions), so would that be better than trying to use .pdfs from Quark?

          • StudioMonkey
            StudioMonkey commented
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            No, I would not recommend using .eps files exported from Quark. Quark was never fully compatible with PostScript and .eps files show this up. PDFs are designed to be cross platform compatible so they are more likely to behave.





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