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Quark 10 crashes-?

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  • Quark 10 crashes-?

    I recently (3 months ago) updated to Quark 10.5. I have been having problems with it crashing ever since. Not only does it crash but it is “saving” and operating VERY slowly. It may take as much as 3 minutes to “save”. The particular project is loaded with high resolution TIFF’s and is 434.5 MBs. Is it just too large a file? It crashes particularly when I try to print many pages at once (maybe 15 pages). The dialog box shows up asking if I want to report it and when I do, the little circle goes around for SO long that I eventually have to force quite Quark to make it stop. This is happening daily. Should I reinstall Quark 10.5? Should I split the document into 2? I’ve called Quark and they were not much help. Any suggestions?
    I also installed a new printer driver recently (Xerox Phaser 6360DN).

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    Even Quark requires adequate scratch space.
    How full is your hard drive?

    For a file that size I'd recommend keeping a couple hundred gigs free.
    If the quark file alone is 434.5mb, I cannot imagine the amount of hard drive space the "high resolution TIFFs" are taking up.


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