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    Hello guys, i'm new here, i'm from italy and I work for a photographical magazine; I'm studying a restyling of it but i'm used to work with InDesing while right now the layout it's created with Quark.
    I'm trying to convince my publisher to switch to indesing but the other, and older, graphic designer it's able to work just with Quark.
    So anyone knows if there is a way to export files from InDesgin to Quark Xpress? I'm using InDesign CS6 and Quark Xpress 9.
    Thank you very much,

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    Hi lux and welcome to GDF.

    We ask all new members to read very important links here and here. These explain the rules, how the forum runs and a few inside jokes. No, you haven't done anything wrong, we ask every new member to read them. Your first few posts will be moderated, so don't panic if they don't show up immediately. Enjoy your stay.
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      There is no reliable method for transfering InDesign to Quark and vice versa. There are facilitator programs like Q2ID and ID2Q
      BUT you may lose styling, word wrap, links, etc.
      In a publication environment, you use one or the other. You don't mix them. You will cause more headaches than you are worth.
      Not to mention all their previous assets are in Quark.
      And where you're the new guy, guess you have to learn to use Quark. Suck it up. At least until you're the Old Guy.


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        What PD said.

        When I first started where I am now, I used both. My boss worked in Quark and stuff that we collaborated on was done in Quark, everything else I did was in Indesgin. It took about 2 months before my boss was questioning why they were working in quark after picking up some of my indesign files for other jobs. So it's possible to convince quarkers to switch, although that was a long while back and I'm not sure what/if Quark has improved on since then.
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          Look Quark and Indesign both have features for page layout. It is like ping-pong with this discussion. Back in 2006 . They were talking about how the quark people did not get along with the indesign people and so forth. 2011 a professor who taught me quark was fired/laid-off because they had choose to stop teaching the course. However now 2015 it looks like since quark 8-10 they have bounced back with a bunch of new "cloud" sharing features.

          Otherwise the way I see them both is that you have to learn them side by side and deal with them as one unit.


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            I don't recommend dealing with them as one unit.

            It's an either-or per project. Not both. If you start a project in Quark you should keep it in Quark until the project runs its course. Same with InDesign. The only reason to change mid-stream is for some catastrophic reason, and I would be hard pressed to come up with a sufficiently catastrophic reason - except maybe you are suddenly unable to pay for your Adobe subscription but happen to have an old version of Quark hanging around. Quark requires no subscription. That is one of their selling points.

            Students should still be exposed to both in some fashion because there are jobs out there that require Quark over InDesign. If you know one of them though, it isn't hard to pick up the other; though I still find Quark incredibly clumsy compared to InD (of course that might have something to do with my key commands being customized for InD and Illustrator.)

            This isn't a ping pong match.
            I do prepress.
            I would not even think to open a Quark file in InDesign or vice versa. A good designer would not either.
            Either program works. It all depends on what your boss, and the existence of any previous assets requires.
            The new guy in the OP wanted to change an existing system. That's usually considered bad form. And changing a publication back and forth all the time is a total waste of money in the form of check-time.

            Doing that conversion introduces all kinds of errors, as I mentioned before. If for any reason you are converting from one to the other, you must go through the document and check your styling, your word wraps, your links, the image sizes in the links, and even your color. Adobe uses LAB color now. I think Quark is still in CMYK. Stylized fonts from Quark are unsupported (the kind where you make italics using the stylize palette rather than the font palette.) They should never be used anyway because occasionally a rip does not support them either.

            The most major problem with Quark is its artboard size. Bringing an InDesign file into Quark that is larger than 48" square can wreak all kinds of havoc. Needless to say, Quark is nearly useless for wide format applications. While you can work in scale, there are sometimes scaling issues going out of Quark (though they did finally fix the image data choke a few versions back.)
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              As I remember, there was a Quark plug-in that allowed a larger pasteboard/artboard, but it wreaked havoc on files…that was back in the QXP 4 days…we switched the department to CS3 around then.
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