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OLD Quark XPRESS 4.1

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  • OLD Quark XPRESS 4.1

    My PowerMac G-5 has finally gone toes up, and took my programs with it. I still have original disk for version Quark XPRESS 4.1 but I now only have MacMini (late 2012), running Sierra 10.12.3. (4GB) Obvious question, can I use 4.1 with this system?

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      Probably not, but why not just try it?
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        Thanks for come backs. Will try later today, doubtfully, but just thought I'd ask (maybe after-mkt. add-ons needed?, etc.). Never was very hopeful. Thanks again. Sorry if I stepped on some rules.


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        Just get another old computer on ebay. It can't be that much money.


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          I poked around and it looks like Quark Xpress 4.1 was released in 1999, so being roughly 18 years old I'd say the odds of Sierra running it are slim. You can possibly look at running emulation, this site has some options you can exploreL

          Or as DesignZombie said you could probably find an old Mac pretty cheap.

          Also, at one point InDesign could open and convert Quark 4 files. have you tried that route?

          And if you go the emulation route, apparently Chubby Bunny is some sort of tweaked SheepShaver install that makes it a little smoother. Here's the link: ​
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            Apologies for raising an old thread, but just to put some facts out there.

            OP mentions he had a G5. That would be a PowerMac G5. Possibly those participating in this thread are unaware of the 2006 Intel transition at Apple. That's where Apple went from the IBM/Motorola PowerPC chip to Intel.

            Apple supported older PowerPC code for ONE version of OS X and that was Snow Leopard 10.6.8. And it was emulation running under Rosetta which had to be specifically installed for it.

            Apple killed Rosetta with the release of Lion, 10.7.

            QuarkXPress 4.1 ran under OS 8 and OS 9. On an OS X Mac, such as a G5 that would have mean that OP was using XPress 4.1 under Classic OS9. There are NO PowerMac G5s (or iMac G5s for that matter) that can boot OS9. Further, it also means that OP could not have been using anything higher than Tiger 10.4.11 because Apple killed Classic with OS X Leopard 10.5.8 (they stopped supporting it in Tiger).

            So, OP has an OS 9 only app that at the extreme could only run under Classic on a PowerPC Mac running Tiger.

            There is ZERO way OP can run this app on a Intel Mac Mini running SIerra. Only with emulation (Sheepshaver) as has been mentioned.

            Quite frankly, OP cannot even run QuarkXPress 6.x on a Mac Mini as that is the last PowerPC only version of QXP. OP would need QXP 7.0 or higher to run XPress natively on an Intel Mac.

            PS. I've had 18 years of XPress use. I started with QXP 3.x.
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              The only thing that q4 disk is good for is the serial number for an upgrade. With it you pay $349 USD for an upgrade to Quark 2016/17. Without it, you pay $849 USD






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