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Black & White Pics look like Negatives in PDF

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  • Black & White Pics look like Negatives in PDF

    I am trying to send documents created in Quark 10 to our printer. When I create the pdf - the black and which pictures look like negatives. Have tried everything. Can someone help?

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    need more info.
    What program are you using to view the PDFs? (OS and program name.) That is usually the only issue. Apple preview, email, and some Windows apps do not accurately translate PDFs.
    What happens when you print the PDF to your desktop inkjet?
    What format are your images? (tif gif jpg psd eps?)
    Transparency involved?
    Are you using spot colors with any kind of transparency effect anywhere in the file? The spots don't necessarily have to be transparent. Just both things in one file.
    What kind of profile is applied to the BW images?
    Does your printer accept pdfx1a files? That might fix it too if it really needs fixing. Better bet is to download your print vendor job options and use those.

    Quark + PDF has always been a hassle. I never used the print/export to pdf function. Always did a postscript file and Distill it. Haven't used Quark in years but the same thing occasionally happens with photos in InDesign PDFs. It is usually just the viewer or a trans+spot issue.
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        .I am also facing the same problem while taking print out. Please if someone has right method to take print out along with quark, tell me.


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          See whole list of question below.
          Maybe mguenther has an answer.






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