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paths and shapes, quark and photoshop

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  • paths and shapes, quark and photoshop

    If i create a grayscale image in photoshop with a clipping path, which is then placed in quarks, the box inwhich the image is in has a background of none, if this image is placed over a colout backgroun the colour comes through the image and all white in the image is removed. i get around this by using the free form box tool to draw a shape around the image and fill this white then overlay the image over this new white box.

    the problem is when these colling paths are complex is that it can take ages to draw the white box or the final result isn't perfect.

    i was wondering is there a way inwhich to make the original box the image is placed in to reshape to the clipping path so i can fill it white to remove the need to redraw the shape?? or can i creat a new path to use with my tiff in photoshop which is the same as the clipping path but not a clipping path but a shape path or something??

    any help?

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    Post the image so people have a better idea of what you're talking about.

    This is (in theory) a very simple thing to achieve - but let's have all the facts so it doesn't get overly complicated.


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      Sounds like your clipping mask is done correctly. Or the Quark picture box has runaround turned on, thus making it completely white, box or not.
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        I'm not sure if I'm following, but as I'm able to make sense of it, you're making your clipping path in PS to isolate the subject. Then when you bring it into Quark, you're saying that all white areas (even within the subject matter) are showing as transparent when placed over a color? So then, to get the white knockout that you need, you're drawing a white shape in the form of your subject matter, to block out the color that would otherwise show through your image?

        It could be that you've got something selected in your clipping path within Photoshop that shouldn't be. Also, make sure that when you're activating the clipping path in Quark that you're selecting "embedded path" and not "non-white areas." Without seeing more, the only other thing I can think of is that your grayscale image is not simply grayscale, but also in bitmap mode. (This would turn everything in your image either 100% black or 100% white with no shades of gray.) When a bitmap is brought into Quark, turning background to nothing will make all the whites transparent.


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          It sounds to me like you're using the alpha channel or non-white areas, and not the clipping path. What file format is the file in, and did you actually select the path and turn it into a clipping path in Photoshop (from the paths palette options menu)?

          I would save your image as a TIFF with no layers, to place in Quark.
          Ned Yeung, A.C.E.


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            Originally posted by Yossarian View Post
            I'm not sure if I'm following, but as I'm able to make sense of it, you're making your clipping path in PS to isolate the subject. Then when you bring it into Quark, you're saying that all white areas (even within the subject matter) are showing as transparent when placed over a color? So then, to get the white knockout that you need, you're drawing a white shape in the form of your subject matter, to block out the color that would otherwise show through your image?
            thats exactally whats happening, im using a spot colour documents with gray scale and a single pantone, this is then printed on a 2 plate press (black and pantone), as people may know when sending the document to the ripper (press) it works off the seportation option in quarks, black over prints the colour and white holds back the colour to show the white though in the image.

            if i creat an image ie a CD in photoshop with a clipping path around the ended (inside and out) and place this over a red box in quarks. when you place an image with a clipping path into a box in quarks this box automatic seting is background to none, this looks correct on screen but when you print seporations or from the pinter it is incorrect, (see attachments).

            to only way around this is to create another box in the shape of the item to hold back the white. this is simple if you doing something like a cd for example but if you have something more complex like a tree with snow on its braches, this can takes hours. i was wondering if there was a way to make a shape/box in the shape of a path in quarks which is exactally the same as the path from photoshop in the tiff so i dont have to make the box by hand.

            basically can i make a box in the same of a path imported on an image to that i can fill the box white to hold back the colour.
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              Perhaps I was getting thrown off by the clipping path. Are you turning the background color to "none" in the image box giving you trouble? Clipping path or not, turning the background color to "none" instead of white can cause incorrect knockouts on the separations. It will look ok on screen and composites print ok on your office printer, but the separations will show you what's going on.

              If that's not it, I'd take Ned's advice and make absolute sure you're setting up your clipping paths correctly.

              Good luck!


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                Hmm... now that I think about it and seeing some of your other posts, you're using Quark 5 aren't you? IIRC Quark 5 doesn't have the picture color, picture background color, and background color settings that are now available. It only has picture and background.

                You've actually jogged my memory that I once ran into this problem myself. I think the ugly workaround I used was
                -save a copy of my image file
                -use the selection from my clipping path
                -delete everything outside of the subject matter
                -give the selection of the subject matter a 100% black fill
                -save as a bitmap
                -go to Quark
                -step and repeat the image box with no offset
                -bring in my newly created bitmap file
                -set the percentages and coordinates the exact same as the original picture box. IIRC Quark 5 didn't automatically retain percentage and XY settings.
                -set the picture color of the bitmap to white
                -bring the original image to the front.

                It's ugly but I think it'll get you there. Though I wouldn't be surprised if there were a knowledgeable prepress person or print vendor here with a simpler and less kludgy solution.


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                  This would be my quick and dirty method of getting around the clipping path problem.

                  First... screw the clipping paths!

                  In XPress first draw a circular picture box to the size of the outer diameter of that image.

                  Next draw another circular picture box to the size of the inner circle.

                  Then use Space and Align to bring them dead central to one another.

                  Next go to the Merge function in the Item Menu and go "Combine".

                  This will give a circular picture box with a hole in the middle.

                  Drop the image into that, make sure it all lines up, place it over the colour and then you get to leave the building early to [insert your particular vice here].

                  Edit>>> I've just fired up C.O.I. (again!!!) and it does work the same way in XPress v5.


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                    Yeah, for the CD I'd do it that way too. I was just thinking about his problems with the more complex images. It does kind of bug me now too, because I bet there's a simple fix. Unless that fix was upgrading from Quark 5. (Not poking fun, Kit, I know what it's like to be stuck with old software and hardware!)


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                      well i ended up having to go the long way around and make image boxes in the shape of the image i needed, too ages as i had to make the shape in quarks and the clipping paths in quarks as well, then make aditional shapes in white to hold back colour.

                      must be an easier way........ god i wish i could use full cmyk colours and not just black and pantone spot colour


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                        anyone figgered a way out for this??

                        BTW i now have 6.1 not 5, still old but newer






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