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  • Problems with drop shadows

    Hey.. so I know that Quark sucks, but our company does what it wants without regard for advice, so we are now rocking Quark 7 instead of Quark 6... despite Quark 8 being out.. our late upgrade aside, I am in prepress and having problems with drop shadows..

    Where I am having the issue is on PDF output.. I print a postscript from Quark, and distill with acrobat pro.. The issue is that when multiple objects with drop shadows are overlapping, a black box replaces the background behind the top image.. So I know this is a problem with transparency flattening. I just dont know how to fix it.. The quark site wasnt much help that I found.. just suggested to reposition your elements, and try again.. or to use the filters more sparingly.. being on the prepress end, I have no control over how much a layout artist uses these elements, and it will be a nightmare to fix every overlapping object that has an effect on it (be it shadow or opacity filter)..

    any suggestions? (besides using indesign, as it not an option)..

    We are on Macs.. OS 10.5.. using distiller 9.. or distiller 7..

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    Drop shadows

    Go here:

    To bad you think Quark sucks, go to Adobes indesign forums and feast your eyes on a real mess.



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      From a printer:
      They both Suck.
      When used by the wrong hands...


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        drop shadows and color

        The drop shadow feature seems to be a widespread problem. I thought Quark 8 would solve this problem (transparency flattening) but why fix something that doesn't work right? One thing I have discovered, on my own (tech support still sucks), is that the drop shadow will create these "boxes" particularly if you have a 4 color picture or 4 color fill that was created in quark for a background and you are color managing your files. I found that if I used the generic color settings in quark (not an option for us) the drop shadows will work fine, but as soon as I try to use our gracol color settings, I get these semi-transparent text boxes wherever I used a drop shadow. My work around was to actually open the 4 color photo and apply the gracol settings in that file which then worked even when I again applied my gracol color settings when I exported as pdf from quark (by the way, printing to pdf gave me the same issues).

        When I got these "boxes" when using a 4 color quark created mix for a color background, I then had to actually create a full page of that color fill in Illustrator and import that eps file as my background and then the drop shadows would work properly. You can imagine the time I spent figuring this out.

        So I guess the bottom line here is that Quark just seems to have an issue with CMYK color and drop shadows. I am also in pre-press and cannot see doing these workarounds on large projects so Quark better get it's act together. Judging by the number of forums discussing this problem you would assume Quark knew about this issue for quite some time so how can they release Quark 8 and not address this problem. Unbelievable!


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          Does it have to be PDF format? Can you export it as a TIF?
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