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  • spot colour PDFs

    im having some serious problems making a spot colour pdf to send to printers for productions.

    my document is made in quarks 6.1 (windows) and is spot colour and uses only a procress black and pantone colour plate. this can be checked in the seporations plates option.

    Now to export this as a pdf for the printers i have the following. File > Export > pdf i have this set as direct to PDF using quarks builtin pdf creator. I have it set as high jpg compression and 300dpi as requested. hyper links off and include fonts and images. etc.

    i have the output set as composite > As is

    When exporting the document i recieve no errors, and the PDF displays correctly. But here is my problem.

    in acrobat professional 8 if i go to advanced>output preview their is still CYMK process colours listed and used, instead of just process black and pantone plate.

    the section on which the CMYK is used is section where their are grayscale Tiff images hat have been recoloured in quarks to the Panton colour.

    Why is this?

    How can i fix this?

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    i have tryied exporting the document as a PDF but this time as seporations and the PDF this time is perfect with only my 2 plates and exactally how they should be.

    but why cant i make a composite like this?


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      Export as CMYK + Spot colors.
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        no such option!

        quark has the following export options.

        black and white
        As Is

        this is for a 2 press print job.


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          just tried the DeviceN as i didn't know what it did and this exports it correctly






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