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    how can i set a default font??

    when i create a text box the automatic default text selected is a blank font, how can i change this so when i open a new text box times or arial is selected.

    i have this on another file i use but my main document dont do this it selects a random blank font. ive looked in the preferances in the edit menu but cant seem to figger it out... brain dead today

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    It's been a few years since I last used Quark but I believe all you do is set your preferences with no documents open to set them as defaults.


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      their is not default font option that i can see, unless im blind, these is a default font to replace missing fonts but this is set to arial but thats not sorting it.


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        Have you tried the help file?


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          right i found a way around this, not perfect as if i needed to change the default to something else i dont know how but i figger out how to get arial set as default.

          what i did was...

          created a text box with the default font (which is missing) and added some text
          saved to document and closed it
          reopened it and got a prompt for missing font
          opened the missing font prompt and click replace on the missing font
          replaced with arial and click save as rule

          now all new text boxes start with arial as default.


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            With no documents open, edit the "Normal" style sheet so that the font is the one you want as the default. Any new documents you create will default to this font with a new text box.

            This won't affect existing documents, you'll need to tweak those individually.
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