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problems creating PDF from quark

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  • problems creating PDF from quark

    I am trying to make a PDF from quark by creating a .ps file and then distilling it. I keep getting this error in distiller:

    %%[ Error: undefinedresult; OffendingCommand: stringwidth ]%%


    As far as I can see the settings are correct, does anyone have any ideas on whats causing this error?

    Btw quark sucks! I have normally use indesign now but unfortunately this is an old quark file that needs some updating!

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    That message is kinda generic, you can get that with a whole slew of different issues.
    It could possibly be a font problem, but who knows.
    What version of Quark?
    What driver are you using to make the .ps file with?
    Make sure you select the same printer/driver in the page set-up and in the print dialog box.
    Have you tried going from ASCII to Binary in the output tab?


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      Actually I've managed to solve the problem now.

      I did the same process of creating a PDF with all of the pages in the document until I found one that was causing the problems.

      It was caused by a text box that was rotated!! When it was straight it made a PDF no probs, as soon as it rotated there were errors. I just made a new text box and it worked fine!

      Quark grrrrr!


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        Gotta love that quark!
        It keeps you busy and gives you yet another reason to drink!

        cheers and glad you got it sorted!






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