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Print Quark 6 Spread in Linear Format

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  • Print Quark 6 Spread in Linear Format


    Our resident graphic designer has left the company and i'm manning the fort. Eek!

    I have a 20 page Quark 6 document that I would like to print to PDF. It is currently set up as an A4 spread with pages 20 and 1 on the first page, 19 & 2 on 2nd etc.

    This is fine for printing to a printer but I would like to print it out to pdf. I do this by going 'file\layout as pdf', and outputting a .ps file to the desktop. I then drag it into Adobe Distiller and it makes the pdf for me. Unfortunately, it only produces a 10 page document, complete in spread format.

    How do I change it so I can print the pages out in linear fashion: 1,2,3,4 etc?


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    Somewhere in your dialogue box is a box to check for spreads, uncheck this box. Because the document was set up in printer spreads (Why?), you will have to take the PDF apart and reassemble in the proper order.


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      I did try unchecking this box but ti didn't seem to do anything. I have no idea why it was set up this way - i'm just trying to fill someone's shoes

      The only way I could find to dissect the PDF was to use the 'crop' tool in Acrobat, halve the page width and save one page, rinse, and repeat for the other half. Any ideas if there is a better/quicker way?


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        It was saved as an Imposed file. But since I don't use Quark to print booklets (and haven't used Q in over 2 years now, not even loaded on the workstation I'm sitting at). Can you un-impose a doc?


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          So it was created 2-to-a-page? Yikes.

          The way I'd try to approach an abomination like that would be to output the pdf so it made two of each page: 1,1,2,2,3,3,4,4... etc. Then I'd crop each page in Acrobat (Document > Crop Pages) down to its proper half size so that I ended up with one of each page in the document at the proper size. Then rearrange as necessary.
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            Virgo, it sounds like it's in spreads.
            Can you uncheck spreads in the Layout dialog then rearrange the pages in the Page Palette?


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              Depending on how complex the document is, you could make a new document at the page size rather than the spread size, then drag one page at a time over to the new document...if you drag the pages onto the proper readers spread pages you'll kill two birds with one stone!
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                Sounds like it was manually imposed. That's how we used to do it before imposition software became common. You'll have to do what Garricks and others said and take it apart.






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