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  • Quark - long documents

    Hi guys,

    This is just a quick one, I'm trying to create a long document in Quark 8 - it's 2600mm in length.

    What is the best way to make this - separate pages? The output needs to be a high res PDF with crop marks, bleeds etc!

    Thanks guys!!!!

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    Are you sure you really need it this size? Can you not make it 260mm and have the printers enlarge the print?

    What's this for exactly and have you contacted the printers to get their specs on delivery of the file?

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      2660mm by how wide?
      Sounds like you need to work in scale.
      Call the printer and ask what they prefer but as Eugene suggests, 1:10 is always easiest.

      While you are on the phone with the printer, ask what format you should be using for your placed images. Some places that scale Quark documents require they be done as .eps.

      I'd highly suggest, if at all possible, supply the native file along with the pdf just in case something goes wrong.


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        Does it have to be designed in Quark? I'm guessing from the size that this is more of a poster and not a multi-page document. Illustrator would probably be a better option for a larger piece. And on top of that, scaling would be a good idea. Get in touch with the printer and find out.
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