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Anyone know of a good imposer?

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  • Anyone know of a good imposer?

    Looking for imposition software for Quark 9 Mac. We had used Bookletizer in the past, but there is not a version available for Quark 9. I e-mailed the company and they said they were thinking about making one.

    Looking for something that will impose native Quark pages, not PDF's.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Check out this guy he does everything MAC and would deffo know of a decent one for you


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      Quark is on V9? When did that happen?
      Have you checked out INposition?
      I've never used it. We stopped with Quark on v7.


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        I don't use Quark unless I have to, but we have a customer that will only use it, and they are very specific about only printing from Quark, not from PDF. They are a big customer, so my boss is adamant that I do their jobs the way they think they should be done.

        Our new Macs won't run 8 (strange, I know, but confirmed by Quark) so we have to run 9. I have used Bookletizer in the past and it works great. But no version for Quark 9.

        I'll check out INposition. Thanks.


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          Bah. INposition only goes to version 8...


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            Sorry bout that. Was worth a try.






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