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    When opening an existing Quark document I get error message:

    this document cannot be opened by this version of quarkxpress (16)

    I am using quark 9.0 (mac)

    Any help appreciated


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    Quark 9 already?

    Anyway. Are you completely updated? Done all the patching etc.? Is there a 9.x update you are missing? Those are the easy answers.
    The hard answer may be that the file is corrupt or you're having a PC/Mac mismatch.


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      Is the file on a server?

      Something I used to do when working on Quark was to copy to the file to the desktop and try to open it from there.

      Are you on Mac or PC?

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        Good one Hank. I forgot about having to move files to the desktop. I haven't used Quark in years. Still on v7.

        Tell me, cuz I gotta know, Does Quark 9 still have the 48" artboard????


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          I don't know about 9, but 8 sure does.
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            I'd also place it on the desktop. Also, add ".qxd" at the end of the file name if it doesn't already have it.


            • Ratkins
              Ratkins commented
              Editing a comment
              Newer versions might want a ".qxp" at the end.

            • MD
              MD commented
              Editing a comment
              Version 7 and later use .qxp

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            Used to be you could only transfer between Mac and PC with the same generation file e.g. Quark 8 PC file would only open on a Mac with Quark 8.
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              if you didn't originally create the file I believe there is a 9.5 update. I don't know if that is going to cause issues though.
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                I used to have problems with Quark vs. Quark Passport too. Not sure if that's still a relevant problem.






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