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Fonts Bundled With Quark

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  • Fonts Bundled With Quark

    Hello everyone,

    I just recently got a copy of Quark Xpress! Pretty excited!
    I noticed after the install, that there was new fonts installed with it, which is kind of expected of coarse, because InDesign, and Scribus also bundles fonts, but I am wondering where these fonts are located in the Windows 7 Directory?

    Are they just installed in the System Default Font Directory? in C://windows/fonts/ Or are they stored in a seperate directory?

    I think this also applies to InDesign, now that I look back at my Fonts Collection, I noticed Scribus seems to keep all the fonts in a seperate direcotry, but I think InDesign installed them in the System Default Font Folder as well.

    Does anyone know if that is the case?
    And if not, where can I find them?
    And if so, does anyone know a list of the fonts that are supplied with Quark, and InDesign?

    I like to keep all my fonts on my USB drive. I have an Enormous collection. The main reason I do so, is I like to be aware of the licensing of each font file, and their allowed usage. I do a lot of Web Design, and I like to keep track of the fonts that allow commercial use, so I can embed them in Web Designs, and fonts that allow PDF embedding and what not, that I can use in Quark or InDesign. Etc.

    Thanks for your time folks, I appreciate it.





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