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  • Quark - Still Clunky

    Wow, version 9 of Quark is still unbelievably clunky!

    I've been using InDesign for layouts exclusively for the last 3-4 years. Had to download a trial of Quark 9 for an old project since my ancient Q7 doesn't run on OS Lion and I didn't want to pony up the $$.

    How on earth did we put up with their Links - oh, sorry "Usage" - panel?

    Wow! I'm hating this project! I want my InDesign back! LOL

    Sorry, had to vent.

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    Step 1. Open a layout in Quark

    Step 2. Draw a picture box. Make sure it's selected.

    Step 3. Press Cmd-Shift-Apple-K (Cmd-Shift-Alt-K in windows)

    Step 4. Send Maynard Industries a check for $12 as a thank you.

    You're welcome =)
    Seriously, read this.


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      Heh heh, I forgot about that little trick! Haven't done that in years!

      I skipped Step 4 though.


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        Seriously, read this.


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          Quark still exists? Does anyone use it? I think Publisher would be better than quark.


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            Make six image boxes and destroy them to see if the big alien is still there.


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              Originally posted by RKS View Post
              Quark still exists? Does anyone use it?
              They're hanging on to a niche with specific software that communicates with high-end digital printers. My company uses it -not in the design office but the print office.

              ...And I remember when Quark users made statements like that about Pagemaker. Of course, PM DID end up going away... unless we consider InDesign its mutant offspring.


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                Originally posted by kellerwerks View Post
                Of course, PM DID end up going away... unless we consider InDesign its mutant offspring.
                Last time I looked, Adobe was still selling PM, although they were no longer developing it, just like FrameMaker.
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