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  • Design A Series Of Newspaper Ads

    I'm in need of some design assistance. Currently i'm doing sales for a small tourist publication for a Mexican border town. I'm very busy doing sales and working on the content. I need someone to design the ads.

    I send you information during the evening, I need the designed ads back the following evening at the very latest. No more than three ads per day.

    They are 10" x 3" ads for newsprint. Some 10" x 6". About 15-20 ads.

    I need the ads turned in as photoshop files with any fonts, seperate vector files, etc.

    Please send some past work, and a bid (per ad), to the following email:

    Please let me know if you have no idea how to design for newsprint, as i can provide some tips.

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    I sent you an email.
    Me Blog, ya scurvy dog---->
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      Hello Im interested

      Hello, Im interested in make this for you, please contact me: MSN: or YIM: or just PM me.

      Best regards,






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