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URGENT (via email) 3 images for website, illustrator/graphic designer needed!

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  • URGENT (via email) 3 images for website, illustrator/graphic designer needed!

    I have a website about to be unveiled, but my usual graphic designer is not available. I can unveil the website as it is, but would love to have the images.

    The website is in WordPress and needs the creation of 4 images in total. Though the webstie is not for children, I would describe the needed images as "cartoon-like" or "whimsical". I have ADDED a WATERMARKED, sample image from a previous project so you get the feel of what I mean by "cartoon-like".

    1) One (1) "banner image", with the title of the website/project.
    2) Two (2) "cartoons" that can be used on their own.
    3) These (2) "cartoons" could be joined with the banner image, like bookends.

    So technically, it's 4 images - 1 banner/center image, 2 cartoons, plus a 4th one made by joining all 3 images. The two "cartoons" will be used separately throughout the website.

    The title of the project/website will not be revealed until there is a graphic designer on board. The banner would be the easier of the images.

    About the "cartoons":

    1) Male and a female doctor, wearing their whitecoats, a large telephone (think of a satellite phone with a large antenna) to their ear. Usual iconography associated with doctors, like a stethoscope, a clipboard, etc.

    For added details, the male may have glasses (and all of his hair!), and the female can have long hair, or perhaps a single ponytail.

    Clothing: the male in a white/blue button down dress shirt and dress slacks, the female in a short, but tastelful skirt. No cleavage.

    Build: I am Hispanic, so one of the doctor figures (ideally the woman) should be darker in skin color ("honey" or bronzed color). Her figure should NOT be hourglass, but her hips can be slightly wider and her shoulders slightly narrow (again, like an Hispanic female). No cleavage or large breasts. The figure should be pleasing, but NOT SEXUALLY SUGGESTIVE.

    The male can be white, perhaps with some facial hair (beard), with a build towards the larger side (no gut, slightly broad shoulders, but not like an athlete).

    Age: resembling a young parent/professional. I'm a 38 year old pediatrician, so a 40-45 y/o adult would do.

    2) Each doctor cartoon should have a thought bubble near their heads. One thought bubble should say "Hello" and the other "Aló".

    3) The male figure can be placed on the left side of the banner image, "looking" towards the center (we would see the right side of the body). The thought bubble position would depend on its position relative to the banner: thought bubbles "outside" the image.

    4) The female figure can be placed on the right side of the banner image, "looking" towards the center (we would see the left side of the body).

    My previous graphic designer drew them by hand first, then create them via Photoshop. She charged anywhere from $XXX-$XXX per image, but she could charge this because she drew them by hand first, so I ended up with a very highly detailed image.

    Time: I honestly believe these images would NOT take a terribly long time to make. I would love to have this in the next couple of days, in Jpeg and PSD format. But these should be "cartoon-like" and "whimsical" in nature. These should be detailed, but not at the level of a Dragon Ball Z character!

    Budget: $XXX-$XXX. Sweet spot $XXX. The real challenge would be the cartoons. As a bonus, a "banner" image with the word "newsletter" would be great to have for use in email campaigns.

    Willing to NEGOTIATE depending on quality and speed of illustrator.

    I'd love to see some sort of portfolio. Quality is important, and would LOVE to have the images in the next 2-4 days.
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    To the moderators: thanks for editing my post.

    To those that have replied privately: many thanks. Please read carefully, some very specific requests were made. Don't do as one designer did and send me a "modified" stock image that looks nothing like a normal female physician would ever look like.


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      Still taking offers... there's more work down the line on my end, but need reliable work.






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