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I need help making a YouTube banner.

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  • I need help making a YouTube banner.

    Hello. I have a simple art request that I'll gladly pay for. I am starting a YouTube channel called Nathan Can't Walk. I'm a paraplegic and it will be a commentary/insightful type page, blah blah blah. Anyway, I've always found beautiful irony in the whole "stairway to Heaven" thing, considering of course that I can't climb stairs or walk. Is there any way someone could illustrate an image for me that equates, more or less, to me sitting in my wheelchair at the foot of the stairway that leads to Heaven with it being apparent that I'm unhappy about not being able to enter Heaven due to their elevator either being out of order or simply not present bc they're "old school" or whatever? I just think this would go along with my sense of humor matched with my channel's purpose in general.

    My contact email is: and I can provide a picture of me and whatever else you may need from me personally.

    Thanks in advance to any and all help!





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