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  • Need Designer, Paid Work ASAP

    Hi there,

    I am an internet marketer, and I am looking to speed up my various projects.

    I am looking for a talented designer to do various bits and pieces... logos or sample layouts. I like a web2.0 style... understated but very polished.

    If you're good (genuinely good) and your rates are reasonable, please send a link to a portfolio or a couple of samples (logos or layouts) and some sample rates to the following specially created email address:

    graphicdesignforum [ @ ] samsmith [ dot ] co . uk

    (Make the obvious changes to that address!)

    I'm looking for someone reliable to hopefully outsource bits and pieces to on a semi-regular basis. Please, if you're talented, let's get something going!

    What I initially need is basically a site layout in the web2.0 style of, and a blog layout AND A LOGO in the style of as well.

    Not necessarily like those SPECIFIC sites, but that kind of minimalist-web2.0-quality. Hopefully you all get what I mean here.

    Hopefully you don't charge an absolute fortune, and you can do that kind of thing.

    Honestly, get in touch.





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