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    Why can I not see my posts? This includes new topics and replies...... I can't see any of theme Please let me know. FYI - Someone may have to send me a message in case I can't see this post


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    Welcome rickmann008!

    New members posts are moderated to cut down on spam. Be patient, things are a bit slow on the weekends.

    We ask all new members to please have a thorough read through these important threads with our rules and some FAQs. Enjoy your stay!
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        There are so many problems using this site, I'm almost giving up. Didn't want to start a new thread just to say this but I could list about 5 things that have caused me issues but they've probably been brought up by others.


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          Only five? LOL

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        There are quite a few forum admins on the Vbulletin site saying they've lost a LOT of membership due to the bugs in this version of forum software. I'm kinda surprised this site jumped on it within a month of release (it may even have been still in Beta) when it was clear there were serious problems with it. Since it's more than likely not backward compatible, at this point, I'd guess GDF is stuck with it. Kudos to admin for getting it working this far.


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          Bayne, in another thread about the forum upgrade there's a line of code to use to get the the latest postings which help you keep track of replies. Although I can't find it One of the admins can probably link you to it.


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            It's true that the vBulletin5 software is a bit disappointing, but until the developers complete their bug fixes, we have a couple of work-arounds that can help make the interaction with the interface more pleasant.

            One of software nuances that threw me when the forum software was upgraded is the 2 options of viewing the posts in a topic(thread). ie: The "POSTS" and "LATEST ACTIVITY" tabs.

            The "latest actvity" tab is the default view and unfortunately is not in our power to change. I find it confusing since it lists responses and comments from most recent to oldest (backwards IMHO).

            What works for me is to click on the "POSTS" tab to view. In the "Posts" tab you can see all the attachments, links and images, and have full access to reply and/or comment. It's an extra step, but not a problem for me.

            Some other little things that will help:
            Use the text tool (A) to add text, but also to link/attach your images, links, etc. The link tools within the (A) tool are functioning much better than the paperclip or "upload attachments tool in the main menu bar.

            To get to the latest post in a topic(thread) quickly, use the "Filter" dropdown at the top of the page and select to show the discussions from "today".

            And last but not least, Huge Thanks to forum members scribe and longboy who have posted some scripts that restore some of the forum features we have all become used to.

            Scripts/bookmarks for "todays' posts" and "new posts":

            A script/bookmark for A "threads in which you have posted in the last week"

            Hope this helps some
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            Sketching not only helps you work out good ideas, it helps you get past the bad ones.






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