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Post Approval and Link Icon breaking at times?

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  • Post Approval and Link Icon breaking at times?

    Hi guys. I just posted in the Web Design sub forum.. and noticed that there was a small message saying my post needed to be approved. I refreshed the page a couple minutes later, and the message disappeared. I'm just wondering if my post is visible now.. and what that little message meant? Is it just something with the forum software/platform?

    This is my post, by the way:

    On an unrelated note, up until a moment ago, I would always get an error message if I tried to insert a link via clicking the link icon. It was just now, while trying in this post, that the issue seems to have resolved itself. (How's that for irony?) But, I was wondering if this was something anyone else was experiencing, or if Firefox was just acting wonky for me.

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    It's not you ... it's our lovely upgrade lol

    The errors are a given .... usually upon refresh they have worked even though they say they aren't. As for needing approval ... that keeps happening to a lot of members with plenty of postings ... All I can say is we are approving as fast as we can and please bear with us. Sorry
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