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Old Forum wasn't pretty but it was better

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  • Old Forum wasn't pretty but it was better

    Disappointed after months of the new forum that things like "Today's Posts" and etc aren't readily available.

    I like the new forum - but a few shortcuts in the main bar would be welcome.

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    Yep, we would like them too lol

    At some point in time they (vbulletin) say there is a patch that will fix all these issues. We just don't know when it will be ready to use.
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      What I don't understand is why the today's posts button can't just be added? The functionality is already there, and if you go to vBulletin's own forum they have a today's posts button right at the top and it works. Also they are running 5.0.4 and this forum is only 5.0.2. so why are we behind?

      Also why is the advanced search on our forum disabled, while it works over there as well?


      • skribe
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        p.s. There are a lot of developers that use this forum that could probably add a few buttons in a few minutes including myself.

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      I think we should downgrade to v4 since it works, and according to vBulletins site, ships free with v5. Not a whole lot of expense to change. It might just be me, but I swear that the community isn't as active as it used to be.
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        I definitely don't think it's as active either - because I don't think it's very user friendly.

        Generally the way I use forums is to click the "New Posts" or "Todays Posts" and read the latest current issues - that way I can narrow down what I want to help with or talk about in one screen.

        It's very tedious going from forum to forum discussion looking at what people are saying - then it's very hard to know when someone has replied.

        It could do with a splash of colour too - maybe a green title bar (where it has Posts Latest Activity) in remembrance of the old site?

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          granted, the new job has been keeping me away somewhat...but the other big issue is the new forum design/functionality.

          The new forum makes it easy to do a few things and brings in some newer capabilities, but overall the forum does not function at the same level as before.
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            There is a link in the lower right of the page where you can make your views known to the level of admin above me. I wish I could address these problems and it is really hard on me watching this forum slowly dying.


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              Thanks Kool - I've sent a message

              "May your hats fly as high as your dreams"Michael Scott


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                As a guest here, I've resisted the temptation to criticize those who make this free, no-strings-attached resource available to us. I feel your pain Kool, and from my point of view this is one of the best-moderated forums I've ever encountered.

                I started a hunting and fishing forum a few years ago that grew to about the size of this forum. The moderators were great, the community was thriving and growing, but then a media company in Toronto made an offer to buy it, and I just couldn't refuse.

                I stayed on as an admin until just recently, but I finally got tired of seeing the place run into the ground from their neglect. The new owners tweaked things to fit their business model, added a million ads and have basically done little else other than collect advertising revenue as the forum stagnates and declines from the benign disinterest of the new owners. Coding-related problems remain unfixed, forum members are complaining, important decisions aren't made, the moderating team that I carefully assembled is falling apart and, just last month, I resigned.

                My personal experiences are neither here nor there, but they cause me to sympathise with the situation here. I know very little about Mediabistro, but I doubt that this forum is one of their main concerns. I suppose that it's understandable from a monetary point of view, but everything considered, it's also a huge shame. This forum is a tremendous service to designers, the forum members are great, and as I mentioned, the moderators are the best.

                The HOW forum was once one of the very best design forums, but the corporate neglect there became so extreme that it finally disintegrated into a comical disaster. Nothing even close to that is happening here, but I can see a step or two in that direction and it's worrisome.

                Both the version of vBulletin on which the GDF forum runs and the theme that sits on top of it are, I don't know how else to put it, crap. It's loaded down with all kinds of misguided Javascript/Ajax, and using vBulletin's basic default theme as the UI, come on, this is a design forum, and it's clean, but hardly inspiring. Posting anything from an iPad is so laden with obstacles that it's not even worth attempting, so I no longer do. In any browser, the posting form field is constantly misbehaving due to Javascript bloat gone horribly wrong, yet nothing is done.

                Absolutely none of this is the fault of the moderators, Kool or anyone else likely reading this, but still, it's a huge problem that apparently just isn't getting resolved because the owners just don't see it as something worth devoting resources to.

                This is just really too bad. Maybe I'll do as you did Hank. Maybe I'll forward this post to them.


                • KitchWitch
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                  You should forward it to them. Here you're preaching to the choir.

                • B
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                  Yeah, that's true, but it's nice to know that there actually is a choir whose members are hearing the same sermon, singing the same songs and agreeing on the same things. I don't want to complain and gripe and bitch about things, so I haven't (too much). But at some point, it's important, I think, to mention that there's an elephant in the room -- if only to be sure that everyone else is seeing it too.

                  Again, though, the moderators and Kool are fantastic, and if it weren't for that fact, this place would have fallen apart years ago.

                  By the way, unless the moderators caution against it, I will send a message with a link to this thread using this form: and this one

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                Hank, this'll give you some Today's Post functionality:

                If we didn't have that hack, this forum would be toast.

                I also continually have to figure out to read the posts backwards when in Last Activity mode vs Post mode. I cannot keep up with the commenting feature in Post mode...
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                  Along with the above posts about the new forum, it drives me absolutely insane that after reading through a post, sometimes it will show as being read, other times, it won't, unless I click the "Latest Activity" button at the top of each thread. I shouldn't have to have an extra step just to have a thread marked as being read. if I just use the "Latest Activity" tab each time, then I'm getting comments, and new posts, with no way of knowing which post the comment was for...thus making it even more confusing.

                  I agree that this forum has really started to die off. It's sad. I'm guilty of not coming on here nearly as often anymore, or, when I do, not sticking around for nearly as long, because it's just such a PITA to use/navigate. I really hope something can happen to bring this place back to it's former glory.
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                    Just to be clear I'm not bagging on the mods, you all do a fantastic job! The community is great too, it's purely hacking through the interface to get to it that is troublesome and at times a deterrent.
                    Design is not decoration.


                    • Bladez
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                      The mods and the regulars (and a few irregular weirdo's) are the reason I still check in a little bit. other forums I've been on went through drastic changes like this and I never returned...

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                    I didn't mean to suggest that the mods feel insulted (at least I don't). Just wanted to let you know that we are seeing and saying the same things y'all are. Modding has gotten... interesting... with the upgrade as well, so we're feeling it times three and doing the best we can to keep things smooth.
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                      Nah, I didn't feel like any of this was aimed at us Mods ... believe us, we feel your pain. I think we (mods) just all collectively feel bad for all of us because there isn't a blessed thing we can do about it.

                      So, for those of you who haven't given up on us we soooo appreciate it and we would miss you terribly if you didn't come back. Thank you for bearing with us and we will keep coming back as long as you all do
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                        I know the mods and Kool really don't have a say in the Forums - I'm glad I brought it up

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