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    I happened upon v5 feedback on the vbulletin site as I was looking for a user manual because I can't seem to figure out how to post links or images (some days it'll work and then it doesn't the next). There doesn't seem to be a "how to" for utilizing the non-adminstrative side of the forum, or at least I couldn't find it. The fact that I'm looking for a manual proves it's not designed well. Anyways, after a quick browse of topics, it seems no one is happy with v5 even with how it works on vBulletin's own site. I delved a little deeper and theres a lot of people downgrading, Did they hire the team that created Windows Vista to write this?
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    • Kool
      Kool commented
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      For posting links you don't really have to do anything, just paste it in and it will automatically linkify it for you.

      For images be sure and use the advanced editing tools (hit the underlined A) image insert tool

    • KitchWitch
      KitchWitch commented
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      For images, I use Photobucket. Once the image is uploaded it provides me a link with the IMG tags. I copy and paste that and I've not had an issue with it here.

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    I disagree, I like this version much much better


    • Virgo Nightingale
      Virgo Nightingale commented
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      Were you a member previously? The old forum software was FAR more reliable and useful. The new version has resulted in a drastic drop in member participation.

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    I haven't been in the forum for a while (not that I'm a very active member as it is), and to be honest, it had to do for the most part with the change of "scenery". But on the other hand, I think what makes this forum of such great quality, is it's members and not the interface. So if I ever need help from you guys, I Know I won't hesitate to ask for it.
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