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Is it just me with these bugs?

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  • Is it just me with these bugs?

    Hopefully, this will be the correct place to post this thread.

    Okay, so I've read around that this forum had a recent update of some sorts. I'm new here and I'm already having extreme trouble posting and viewing on this website. I just signed up and every time I go to the homepage, I get a complete white screen (with Chrome). Firefox gives me a error "The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because it uses an invalid or unsupported form of compression." on the homepage. This doesn't happen with any other page other than the homepage. I cannot type in the message box while posting, using Chrome. Luckily, I can with Firefox. The only way I was able to post a new thread was logging out, going to the (hopefully) correct sub-forum, logging in. Then pressing the "New Topic" button.

    I don't know if these bugs are already addressed, as it is hard to navigate around the website with all of them. I'm really not trying to be snobby or any of the sorts though it may seem like it...

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    Hi zevoxa and welcome to GDF. Yes, we've had an upgrade a little while ago, but this forum was hacked yesterday and then moved offline and has only been restored in the last few hours so please bear with us.

    We ask all new members to read the threads posted HERE and HERE to get acquainted with how things work on GDF. They explain how the forum runs, the rules, frequently discussed topics and our inside jokes. Enjoy your stay!
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      I got the compression error this evening as well. Most likely to do with the recent problems, as Buda said.
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        Alright, well sorry to here about that. Thanks for replying. Can't wait to see this site fully functional.


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          I'm getting that error tonight too. Hang in there zevoxa, hopefully things will smooth out and be back to normal soon!
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            Yeah, sorry about that. Will fix soon.
            Ivan Raszl | GDF Support


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              Shoot, I had worse than that. All day yesterday I got a message that I didn't have permission to access this site from this server. Thought terrorists had hijacked it or something.
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              • Kool
                Kool commented
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                They did, we got hacked Sunday afternoon and had to shut down the site for a few days until we could get the exploit they used patched

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              Firefox issue is apparently fixed. I'm posting from it now.


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                Fine from Safari, though Safari on iPad can be buggy at times. Blank screens every now and then.
                It is more fun to talk with someone who doesn't use long, difficult words but rather short, easy words like "What about lunch?" Winnie the Pooh


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                  Blank screens supposedly fixed now.
                  Ivan Raszl | GDF Support


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                  This forum keeps eating my posts. Last night I wrote out a rather long thread, hit the Post button, and it took me right back to the forum as if I didn't even try creating a thread. Thankfully I had the text in a notepad file. Afterwards I tried again and it worked.

                  Today I tried to make a reply to the thread and upon hitting the Post Reply button, it just took me back to the thread with no reply posted. No error message, no blank screen; just like nothing happened.

                  Using Firefox 23.0.1.

                  Edit: Actually, it ended up working for this post and my previous one but it took about 20 minutes to actually show up. Not sure if maybe that's a feature or something.
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                  • Red Kittie Kat
                    Red Kittie Kat commented
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                    No, it's not a new feature

                    Remember, your first few posts are moderated. So you won't see them until one of us has logged on and seen that something needs to be approved.

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                  It's not just a first moderated posts issue.

                  The forum keeps eating my posts too. I'll type out a post and it looks fine in the window so I hit Post Reply, but when I go back to look at it, only the first couple of words show, the rest is gone and the back button will not restore it.

                  It is more fun to talk with someone who doesn't use long, difficult words but rather short, easy words like "What about lunch?" Winnie the Pooh


                  • Buda
                    Buda commented
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                    It's doing this again...

                    Must remember to type everything in TextEdit...

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                  I'm actually finally able to do welcome posts from work, which had been impossible right after the upgrade. Links don't freeze up my browser anymore, though I still tread very carefully, lol.
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