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  • My threads are gone...

    While attempting to clean up some overnight spam I accidentally deleted every thread that had been posted in since yesterday evening. I know, I'm an idiot

    Please repost if your thread is missing. Sorry for the inconvenience

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    People were posting yesterday instead of watching a seahawk decimate a bronco?

    FYI that loss puts denver in the top two spots for worst defeats (by points spread) in super bowl history, but at least Bruno Mars was good. I was a little disappointed with Anthony Kiedis, wasn't a bad performance just short and a predictable song choice.
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      The Seahawks were on fire yesterday.
      Kinda makes me glad the Broncos did in the Pats a couple weeks ago. Woulda hated to see the Pats lose to that.
      Some of the ads were really fun and the halftime show was pretty good too.
      I like how the producer of the halftime show opted to do the ballad in a pin-spot in order to get the staging cleared (I'm always thinking of the stagehands. )


      • garricks
        garricks commented
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        Heh. I noticed that pin-spot too.

        I was generally disappointed by the commercials. Nothing epic at all.

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      Heh heh, the Broncos and I have something in common this morning... Epic Fail LOL


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        Wasn't hearing a lot of "OMAHA" last night. Oh right, he has to have the ball to call that.


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          Yeah, Manning looked a bit bewildered. That shot of his bro up in the booth at the end was priceless.

          The commercials weren't awe inspiring. The Puppy and the Clydesdale maybe Awwww inspiring. And I liked the Radio Shack one simply because it dated the heck outta some of us.


          • Designia
            Designia commented
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            OMG! In the Bro's Dojo! That may have been my favorite part.
            Radio Shack was my favorite too. Budweiser makes a crappy beer but some pretty decent commercials. I love that one because I have a huge crush on Passenger.

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          I loved the Radio Shack commercial. I knew who all the people were too. The Dee Snider take was great


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            This was posted on January 23rd.

            It is more fun to talk with someone who doesn't use long, difficult words but rather short, easy words like "What about lunch?" Winnie the Pooh


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              LOL Kool don't sweat it We have all made our share of faux pas around here

              ... and I loveddddd the Radio Shack commercial
              Hello... My name is Kittie and I'm a Font-a-holic.


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                So no wonder the Chilli Peppers performance wasn't exciting... I just read confirmed reports that it wasn't live... the dancing around with the guitars was... but that is all.
                Design is not decoration.


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                  But Oh.Em.Gee! Can Bruno Mars dance!


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                    Until Flea came forward, I let it go as wireless tech. You can do that now with guitars as well as mics. Ah well. The singing was live.
                    You also had to wonder how long those 50 year old guys worked with personal trainers to go shirtless onstage... LOL.

                    I'm more disheartened that one of the Seahawks players, Richard Sherman, said they had "figured out" Manning's hand signals. How far in advance? Who knows. Yeah, silly of the Broncos to rely on them but still feels like cheating somehow.






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