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When I hit post message button it asks me to download something.

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  • When I hit post message button it asks me to download something.

    Something's not right. I just joined. Tried making my first post in the general topics. Hit the preview and then post buttons. The screen hung - then the browser sent me a message asking me what I wanted to do with a file it was trying to download. :-O

    I tried it again, same outcome.

    Logged in with different browser. Looked at the listing of forum subcategories and my topic was showing in a preview, but when I went to the actual subforum the post is not there. I went back to the place where I could see the preview and clicked on the link of my post subject, but it said I don't have authorization to view the post.

    I'm utterly baffled. What's going on?

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    Hi InkyBunny and welcome to GDF.

    We ask every new member to read the threads posted HERE, particularly this thread to get acquainted with how things work on GDF. They will explain how the forum runs, the rules, frequently discussed topics and our inside jokes.

    Your first few posts will be moderated and need to be approved by a moderator, so don't panic if they don't show up right away. Until your posts are approved, you will not be authorized to view them. Please don't post the same post more than once as your duplicate posts will be deleted.

    As for the file download request, I haven't come across this before. Next time you see the download page, can you take a screenshot and post it in here?

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      It's a problem with IE Metro on Windows 8, I'm not sure about the desktop version though. However, you don't have to download it, for your post to work, just cancel it and hit the refresh button on the browser. It's a crappy thing to deal with, but so is IE and vBulletin5.
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      • Buda
        Buda commented
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        IE Metro on Windows 8? That's quite a niche you go there

      • Judy Smith
        Judy Smith commented
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        Hi, I tried responding to my original thread, then again another post, but nothing registered.
        Finding the forum interface confusing compared to UBB.

      • PanToshi
        PanToshi commented
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        Judy, your first few posts are moderated to cut down on spam. This is why your posts are not showing up immediately. Please be patient and a moderator will be along to approve your posts. Thank you.

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      Thank you for replying. May I respectfully suggest that in the registration emails that you send to new members you automatically include the files that you've noted for me to read here? It would be soooooooo much less daunting for newbies. I carefully read both emails that were sent when I registered and would have been glad to have such details spelled out from the get-go.

      I will get a screenshot of the issue in just a moment. It did it to me again a moment ago when I replied to my topic in the general discussion section. Bear with me if I double post - because it doesn't ever show me that my post was made - I have to reload the forum section and see if there's an unclickable link to know if I succeeded.



      • KitchWitch
        KitchWitch commented
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        As Buda mentioned, please only post once. It may take a few minutes for a moderator to approve the post, so there's no need to post the same thing twice.

        As for emailing the links... We can't guarantee that new members will read the links we provide in an email any better than we can here in a thread. However, if a member claims they were not told about the rules, we can certainly refer to it in a thread. It would be easy enough to say they never got the email.

        We realize the way the forum works is frustrating, but there's really nothing we can do about it. Issues have been noted and those that can be fixed are being worked on. Thanks.

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      See attached screenshot - I get this whenever I hit either "post reply" or "preview"AND"post reply". It happens in both Firefox and Opera. Running Linux Mint.
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      • kemingMatters
        kemingMatters commented
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        On Opera too? I must say you are the very first Opera user I've come across, I have it for testing sites, but that's all I do with it. Maybe it's linux not liking vB5, since I haven't found an issue on FF for Mac or Windows. Either way it's out of our hands, you should be able to ignore it and click refresh until something can be done about it.
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      KitchWitch, maybe you don't recognize how unfriendly you appear to be when you pointedly not to not post twice - when I had just told you of the extreme trouble I'm having posting at all.

      This is not the forum for me. You don't notifiy members of rules upon registration, but you chastise them for not searching through your forum for them upon arrival. You don't make it easy to understand the rules - and you're quick to note that you have inside jokes. This isn't very funny to me as a newbie. It just makes me realize that you enjoy being a clique. I'm out. I hope maybe you might consider what I'm trying to say here before you dismiss me and carry on business as usual. You have a whole wide world of potential newbies out there who might be just as disappointed as I am in how you're treating newbies. Good luck.


      • KitchWitch
        KitchWitch commented
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        In case you come back to read this - If I came across as unfriendly, I assure you that was not my intention and you have my apology. However, duplicate posting had been mentioned twice in this post prior to one of your responses. Perhaps you were posting at the same time others were.

        The mention of inside jokes is to let new members know they can read explanations of those jokes and not feel like an outsider. We can certainly read through the posts we link and make sure they are clear. I'm sorry you feel we have not treated you as you deserve.

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      Sorry you feel that way bunny.

      Kitch is not responsible for how the forum is set up. Like you and me, Kitch is a forum user who happens to volunteer her time keeping the forum free of spammy nasties and helping to post the rules as we do for every new member.

      The moderators here do not have the ability to fix the forum software issues. Believe me, we all wish we could. All we can do is pass along the issue you are having with posting to the admins.

      I appreciate you would prefer the forum registration was set up in the way you reference, but the fact is we have no input on that front.

      Rather than lash out at mods, you'll want to give your feedback to mediabistro - who run this free forum resource. You can click the "contact us" at the very bottom of the page, under the mediabistro logo, to leave your rules at registration suggestion.

      As for being 'quick to note we have inside jokes' - you are the first to voice that being seen as cliquish. I do not know if you had the chance to click on the links that were posted, because they actually spell out all the 'inside jokes' for all to enjoy.

      I see you did get help on the issue that brought you here. Glad we were able to help with that.

      Good Luck.
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        Bunny, it's really great that you started this thread so that we can keep a log of the problem and offer suggestions.

        It's a shame if you don't stick around. I am bunny obsessed and we could have been friends. As Pan mentioned, the moderators don't have the ability to fix the forum software or change the registration email that you received. Your suggestions are good ones and feedback on making this a better place are always welcome.
        It is more fun to talk with someone who doesn't use long, difficult words but rather short, easy words like "What about lunch?" Winnie the Pooh






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