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  • Delete post from years ago

    I posted some information that I don't want to be publicized on here anymore. It was a post from years ago. Is there anyway to delete it? Thanks!

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    Send a private message to a moderator with the link to the post.
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      WIll you please also help me delete a post? I do not understand how to send a private message to a moderator. I do not have a button for that in my messages, nor do I see an option to do so when I click on their names.


      • B
        B commented
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        You need a few posts under your belt before the forum software will allow you to send private messages. Generally we don't like delete posts if they will disrupt the continuity of a thread.

        I'll send a note to Kool, the forum administrator. He has a bigger bag of tools to address these sorts of problems that we simple moderators.

      • Kool
        Kool commented
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        rarwkitty, it is against forum policy to delete threads after they have been active for awhile. In your case I went ahead and removed your attachment and locked your thread.

        Forum Administrator

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      I accidentally posted the wrong image twice, how to I remove them?


      • KitchWitch
        KitchWitch commented
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        In the Portland thread? A mod can remove the links for you. Do you want both of those links removed?

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      If you could just remove the first one that would be great! Thank you so much!






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