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  • Length of moderationt time for new members

    Hi, I'm just wondering how long or for how many posts new members are put into 'moderation jail' . I understand why you do it because spammers suck. But I'm also wondering just how much I have to post to prove that I'm not a spammer. I registered on Monday and since then seven out of seven of my posts or comments were vetted and approved by a moderator. Yet, my eight comment from an hour ago has still been put under moderation. I can understand moderating the first three or so comments, but above five does seem a tad excessive to me . Can you give me an average number? Thanks!

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    It is supposed to be 3 posts but the automatic promotion function along with most of the other functions in this forum software is broken. I have to do it manually. I try and stay on top of it but sometimes a member escapes my attention. You are now blue (color of your name) and free to post at will and unmoderated. Sorry about the delay


    • sybli
      sybli commented
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      Thank you for the information and your dedication in getting all us Newbies promoted !

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    When your screen name is no longer orange you are no longer under probation and your posts shouldn't get hung up in the mod qeue. I say shouldn't because VB5 does some unpredictable stuff, sometimes we have to get new accounts taken off probation manually, and for that we have to notice how many posts you have.
    Design is not decoration.


    • Kool
      Kool commented
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      Not sometimes, every single time LOL

      Every member since the day of darkness (upgrade to VB5) has been manually promoted by me

    • kemingMatters
      kemingMatters commented
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      Really? that blows far worse than I thought it did...





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    Comment on Flyer Crtitique
    It's just what I call it when people use an expression that actually says or means the opposite of what is intended; ''could care less'' would be another prime example.
    Yesterday, 11:44 PM
  • B
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    That makes sense, I guess. Off is the inverse of on, which makes based off the inverse of based on. Got it. ...
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    Okay, I know what a colloquialism is, but what is an inverse colloquialism?

    Probrien, in addition to HotButton's comments, which I agree with, the ad is a bit confusing. Maybe it's lacking...
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    ''Based off'' is inverse of ''based on.'' ''Based on'' is a colloquialism.
    I think.
    I have not had enough to drink to play this game.

    o O
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    Thanks for the feedback. That all makes a lot of sense. I'll take these points and re-work things....
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