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Why was I banned?

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  • Why was I banned?


    I'm (formerly) Hedgehog,

    I made a post yesterday under the General section asking for some feedback on several logo designs for my company. Only to be found today that I was permanently banned for "advertising". I'm confused, because I was under the impression that all new user's post would be moderated, and the fact that many members has posted near identical postings I thought I was good to go. And plus, this company doesn't even exist yet... there's really nothing to advertise.

    What really disappoint me is that, my account was banned with no warning/messages whatsoever. If anything, I would expect my posting to be removed and a PM explaining why my post was unacceptable. I just want to get things straight, and get my account reactivated.

    Hate to make a posting here, but the system doesn't seem to let me contact admin.


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    User error on my part or a forum software glitch, I'm not sure. Earlier today, I commented on your posts, then moved it from the General section to the Crit Pit, which is the section where we get and give critiques. Somehow in that process your account was inadvertently banned.

    My apologies for whatever caused the problem. You did nothing wrong, and thanks for bringing it to our attention. I've restored your thread and your user account.


    • Hedgehog
      Hedgehog commented
      Editing a comment
      Apologies accepted. Thanks.

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    Also, you cannot get PMs until you have a few posts up. So there is no way to PM a brand new member. And, if a brand new member comes in only to use the forum as a platform for advertising or to drive traffic to another website (not saying you did, I see B's post), why should we warn them? The rules aren't hidden.
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      Hi, since this has been sorted out I deleted your second account.






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