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  • Printer recommendations?

    I see a software section, but not one for hardware. Is there someplace I can post a question to get recommendations for an office printer? Or, if not here, is there another board that would be good for that?


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    Most of the designers here wouldn't do their own production printing For their clients. They would take it out to be professionally printed.

    What do you want the office printer to do?
    If you are running a business, the best option is usually to lease something rather than buy something. That way you get more bang for the buck.
    Do you want a color toner powder laser? A color wax-base laser? or a toner black and white unit? Do you need something that will print high quality photos or will you be printing mostly letterhead?

    The lasers are great if you don't want your ink to be running if your mailer gets left out in the rain. But the waxy toners can crack if you fold them, say as a sheet into an envelope. They don't do photo quality imagery either. Passable maybe, but I have very high standards when it comes to photo quality.

    A photo quality inkjet printer can be anything from a low duty desk-top model to a beefy plotter.

    In the office where I work we have both. The lasers for printing letterhead and typed collateral. And an inkjet for any photoprints needed (as well as quick client proofing and rez checks) The lasers are leased-to-own. The inkjet is a simple Epson Artisan desktop model. We also have 3 or 4 HP plotters, usually used for printing drafting documents but they are also photo quality. They do suck up the ink when printing photo.
    I won't bore you with the printers out in large format land outside the office.

    Check into leasing from your local area. Find out the cost of consumables (toner cartridges for a laser, ink cartridges for the photo printer) Find out if there is a ''click'' limit (number of copies per month.) Find out what parts are under the lease warranty. Make sure the fuser is on that list if you get a laser.

    Lots of brands out there. They are all pretty much the same but the bells and whistles differ some. One of our lasers is a scanner and it saves scans to a networked server. One does double-sided, collated booklets up to 10 at a time (usually our job proposals go out in stacks of 6 copies so that's all we need.) All of them have a side tray that takes short run specialty papers as well as heavy duty drawers that take a ream each of the letter and tabloid sizes.
    If you lease and choose poorly you have recourse to trade up. If you buy it, well, you own it, even if you hate it.
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