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  • pixel effect on a logo

    I want to put a pixelated effect on a logo (typed). where it starts of solid and gradually fades in a large pixelated way, almost as blocks. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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    My best advice would be to hand draw it, then vectorize it, but thats just me, someone might have a digital solution for you.

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      Like the Xerox logo?

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        Seems I've done this in Photoshop but fuzzy on the details. I thin you do a fade in haft-tone then either minimize or maximize it to your liking. Then you would have to vectorize it in Streamline or something similar. I may have to try that myself, I like the effect. I could be wrong on the above but think I'm in the neighborhood. Just maybe on the wrong block.

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          This might be what you are looking for.

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            Thanks so far for the replies, yes the effect i am looking for is similar to the xerox logo.
            If any one else has any other ideas let me know.
            Thanks court, i will give it a go as well.






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