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I need to print plastic cards...

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  • I need to print plastic cards...

    ...but i don't know how. The cards are more or less credit cards, without the magnetic stripping or imprinted numbers. I will just need to supply the printing house the images, and have them made. I'm going to check with our local vendor to see if they can do it, but does anyone know of any online vendors so I can compare prices?


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    good luck

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      There are several printers on the market that specifically print plastic cards. Sorry, I don't have any links, but you should find them by doing an internet search. Try eBay.

      Most of the print houses around here are capable of making printed plastic cards. But it's not worth the investment if you are only doing a short run.


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        I need to print them for the company I work for, a regional magazine. It's difficult to convince them to buy new equipment, and we need to print 50,000 (plus spoilage), so i'm definately open to suggestions.

        By the way, style, I went to and it connected me to Proforma Universal Printing Solutions. Do you have experience working with them?

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          if you dont want imprinted number and just a printed card

          you would need a PVC card printer....try datacard image III from ebay.... you can buy 4 panel (CMKY) ribbons from anywhere online and you will need a clear overlay and a mag strip encoder if you want holograms you can take the clear overlay out and use hologram ribbon....

          the printer will cost about 400 - 700

          i bought all my stuff from alabama card systems in birmingham they dont have a website but the always fixed my printer for me....if you are printing that many cards I would buy a printer....printing costs on a card is about 25 cents----also you can print straight from photoshop

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