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  • Yes, PD...Unfortunately, they do. I have to hide my beliefs at work boss is lutheran, and we thinks that Wiccan believe in the devil. Personally, I know he's full of it. But, aside from that, he is a good guy. So, I guess I'm elast until someone more zealous finds out.

    Personally, I'm like Audi..I don't care what religion you follow, just don't try to burn me at the stake.
    "Go ahead, make your logos in PS. We charge extra money to redraw your logo into vector art so it can be printed on promotional product. Cha CHING! " - CCericola


    • on an unrelated note (I just happened to notice in this thread), darkworlf, your avitar pic is lurvely

      and orangely amazing... and orange-azing!

      OK I'll stop
      Typos are very important to all written form. It gives the reader something to look for so they aren't distracted by the total lack of content in your writing.
      - Randy K. Milholland


      • darkwolf - I too am not open at my office. At my old office it took me 3 years to actually tell a few close friends there (that i am still friends with today) and mostly only b/c one of them was having a handfasting for her wedding and so then I knew it was safe. lol.
        Religion is a funny thing. I wish it wasn't so faux pas, but like politics its just smarter to be quieter about it in public settings, unless you want a big drama on your hands. I never want any more drama than absolutely necessary so I try to only say something when I feel it's really important or useful.
        I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not. ~ Kurt Cobain






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        • whuang4
          Throw this logo through the wringer

          We are designing a new logo for our company, and I just do not like where it is currently at.

          Context: We are Canadian. We do apparel branding (Embroidery, Screen...
          Today, 02:08 AM
        • Clipping shop
          Reply to Thanks for the help!
          Clipping shop
          Nice design of T-shirt. The combination of t-shirt color and logo colors are very much beautiful.

          And the credit goes to B !
          Today, 02:06 AM
        • B
          Reply to [LOGO] Please critique my logo
          Without knowing anything about the company or the reasons behind the logo, it looks nice.

          PrintDriver and I seem to think alike much of the time because the first thing I noticed was the...
          Yesterday, 10:01 PM
        • Craig B
          Definitely Off Topic. Looking for Personal Reviews/Feedback on Cord Cutting options
          Craig B
          Basically I'm looking for personal views and pros/cons here in the US for services such as SlingTV, Playstation Vue, DirectTV Now, Hulu Live (their live TV option, not their "classic" Hulu option),...
          Yesterday, 04:31 PM
        • PrintDriver
          Reply to [LOGO] Please critique my logo
          Kinda looks like the Mazda logo.
          Without knowing any good reason to put blue on the top bar of the E, I wouldn't do it. The bar competes heavily with the bug, giving two areas of focus.
          Yesterday, 02:46 PM
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